Safeguard your roof from the scorching heat of the sun – How to do it

If your roof is absorbing too much heat and making your stay comfortable at home, you must be looking forward to taking steps to heat-proof your roof. There are several ways of protecting your roof from the scorching sunlight, especially during the summer days. If your roof is flat, the easiest way in which you can cover your roof is by adding a reflective coating which is designed to reflect sunlight.

You can pour gravel or plant a garden to cover the roof from protect it from light. You may even hire a contractor who sprays polyurethane foam or install a hard membrane over the roof to keep it cool. For installing paladin for roof, you can check out Heatline.


  • Cover the flat roof with reflective paint

Cool roof coatings are silver or white paints which are made of reflective pigments. These are mostly used as they are cheap, user-friendly and you don’t need a contractor to install them. Buy such a cool roof coating and paint your roof with a roller.

  • Pour gravel for added protection

If your roof is flat, you may add a reflective gravel to safeguard your roof from sunlight while easing off the drainage. Buy reflective gravel from a well-known roofing company or from a home repair store. For a portable bridge, you may have to seek help of Northern Mat, similarly for gravel, make sure you go to a reputable company.

  • Plant a garden if the roof is flat

Designing a rooftop garden is one of the best ways of seeking advantage of the sunlight that you get and at the same time blocking it from heating up your room. Though you won’t cover your roof completely, you can safeguard majority of the surface.


  • Install roof barriers for insulating the attic

No, this won’t limit your roof’s contact with the sun, but the roof barriers can prevent the heat to fall on your roof by restraining the space where the heat can go. Spread a radiant roof barrier along the wall and apply them on your own.

  • Put an AC or fan in your attic

One of the best ways of naturally lowering the temperature of your roof is by AC or fan installation. You can also set up a large industrial fan to improve cross-ventilation. However, bear in mind that these options will have an impact on your electricity bills.

  • Install a solar-powered fan at the attic

If you wish to increase the natural ventilation of your attic, you can get yourself a solar-powered fan that is designed to push more air through the vent. The advantage here is that it will only switch on when the sun is out and hence you can save on your electricity bills.

So, take into account all the above listed points if you wish to reduce the heat on your roof. For light crossbow, visit the page.