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How to Create a Seamless Customer Journey Online

Customer experience as a term encompasses every single interaction a potential customer has with your brand, from first becoming aware of you on social media, right down to the final buying process on your website. As a brand, its important to make sure that every interaction and touchpoint your target customers have with your brand online is a positive one. With competition being so fierce online today, one negative experience or interaction can cause a potential customer to drop off your funnel and find what they need elsewhere. Here are some expert tips on how to create a customer journey online in 2021 that is coherent, consistent and not disjointed.

Cross-channel marketing strategies

A seamless customer journey in 2021 needs to occur on an omnichannel basis, also known as multi-channel marketing, spanning across social media, paid ads, emails, your website and any other places where your target customer might come across your brand and choose to interact.

A brands digital marketing funnel and buying journey is arguably far more important and difficult to manage and keep on top of than any real-life interactions. Rather than being face to face with your consumers, you have to rely on your digital assets and content to do the talking. The majority of adults and even kids these days have constant access to the internet, meaning we are constantly shopping and seeking new brands to interact with. If brands don’t want to fall behind, they need a varied and unique cross-channel marketing strategy in place.

There are many SEO, social media, and funnel marketing tools out there to benefit brands and help them to nail down and measure the success of their online marketing campaigns. Digital Marketing Reviews are a team of marketing professionals that review popular marketing tools and share their honest opinions to help brands make smart decisions

User experience of your website

The game really has stepped up when it comes to website design and offering your users a smooth experience when browsing your site. A site that’s slow to load, text-heavy, dull, or simply outdated can seriously limit conversion rates. And with so many brands offering highly visual and innovative sites these days, brands can’t afford to neglect website functioning and design.

Once people have arrived on your site to browse your products, having interacted with you through another marketing channel or clicking from the search results, they are at a later stage of the funnel. So, the experience they have on your site is crucial to whether they convert or drop off.

Make sure your site has intuitive navigation with your URLs organized into logical subfolders so that it is user-friendly and SEO-friendly. You can have a well-designed website for your business by taking the assistance of a web developer. You could find professional designers on the web design agency website (Click here to learn more about available services) for various facilities including UI/UX designs, webpage optimization, brand development, and more. Additionally, avoid having any orphaned off pages or products on your site – if Google’s crawlers can’t find a page, your users won’t be able to either, and you can end up missing out on potential sales.

Checkout process

A final key tip to making sure that the journey from brand awareness to browsing to purchasing is as smooth as possible is to focus on your checkout process. You can invest as much time, effort and money into optimising your customer journey across all your key marketing channels, but if your checkout process is letting you down this can all go to waste.

Make sure your checkout process is as simple, quick and trustworthy as possible to avoid people abandoning their carts at the very last stage. For example, you should aim to keep your required details as minimal as possible, offer an auto-fill option for those who have their details saved to their phone or desktop, and make sure that guest checkout is an option for those in a rush that will begrudge having to create an account for a one-time purchase. On top of this, make sure you offer a variety of delivery and payment options so your customers are aware they have plenty of choices in how to have their items shipped and paid for. With a huge portion of brands now offering consumers flexible payment options, you could consider doing the same to allow your customers to pay in a way that suits them and their lifestyle.

As you can see, devising and maintaining an effective and positive customer journey isn’t just a one-stop strategy. There is a huge range of marketing channels and website aspects to consider to ensure that every time someone deals with your brand, they come away having had a positive experience. Take the time to get it right though, and your brand will notice a huge increase in brand awareness, conversion rates and thus revenue.

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How to Successfully File a Complaint

Filing a complaint is an action that crosses many customers’ or clients’ minds, but many do not follow through due to uncertainty or a lack of confidence. This need not be the case if you know what to do, what not to do, and what can be gained, when filing an official complaint against a business or employer.

Consider What Everyone Can Get Out of It

Firstly, it’s imperative when considering a complaint to consider what you or others can get out of it. The most obvious result you will be seeking is justice, particularly if you are complaining about somebody or something which involved breaking the law. However, there are other resolutions to complaints such as monetary compensation or an improved service in the future. When weighing up whether to make a complaint, judge whether the end result will be worth your time and effort.

Take Note of the Environment

Secondly, take note of what environment you are making a complaint in as this may change the procedure you require. If you are complaining about an employer, then you could consider consulting a lawyer, while if you are complaining about a different company’s product, head straight for the top. Your complaints procedure should be relative to the failing that you are complaining about. Choosing the wrong course of action could see you ignored or disregarded along the way.

Know What to Do

Once you have determined the type of complaint you are making, and that you are definitely going to make it, you need to know what to do. There are companies who can help you with this, such as, who will support you with your complaint using their expertise to direct it to the correct body or individual.

Going through a company like this also increases the professionality and legitimacy of your complaint. You should also do this through the manner in which you approach the process: be reasonable and remain polite and calm, even if you are angry. You should let the person or group that you are complaining to know how to contact you and make sure anything you have sent to them in writing is grammatically accurate and legible. If you are planning on complaining verbally, get your facts and evidence lined up so that you can make a sound case. As an example, if you are being rejected at work because you are pregnant, people may say that you are acting like that or feeling that way just because of hormonal changes. In this case, you have to record every incident that you think you can use and send it to your pregnancy discrimination attorney to help you on how to deal with it.

Know What Not to Do

Finally, know what not to do. Do not lose your temper, especially with those who cannot help you or have no power over the situation. This is most frequent in retail or hospitality, where it can feel convenient to make your complaint to whichever member of staff you find first. The likelihood is this employee has nothing to do with the situation and cannot handle your complaint effectively. Furthermore, if you want a response or desire compensation, never let it lie. Follow up by whatever means you have if you are still waiting on a response after a lengthy amount of time. Asking how long you can expect to wait for a response when you first file your complaint can also help with this.

Complaints can be a daunting process, so attempt to take the stress out of the situation. Remain cool, use complaints companies where you can, and always get your complaint planned out beforehand to make it effective and convincing.

4 Ways to Get a Loan with Low Credit

Whether you’re facing the aftermath of a financial setback or you’re struggling to build credit for the first time, having a low score can make it difficult to obtain a traditional loan. Not only are you less likely to be approved, but you might also have to deal with higher interest rates and additional expenses such as origination fees. if you need any law help use Law Offices of Marc J. Blumenthal, Ltd.

The good news is that there’s still a surprising range of options for borrowing the money you need, even if you have no credit history at all. They often come in the form of private loans offered by sources outside of traditional banks and credit unions. However, not all lenders are made equal.

To make a safer and more cost-effective choice, consider the following 4 ways to get a loan with low credit.

Peer-to-Peer Lenders

The proliferation of peer-to-peer lending has made it much easier to borrow, even if your credit report has seen better days. The internet is home to numerous companies that specialise in this type of loan. Some are geared towards small business owners, while others are more accommodating towards individuals.

Rates are often competitive among peer-to-peer lenders and repayment terms can span longer time periods than those offered by traditional sources. It’s best to do your research here and find out whether you fit the requirements before making an application.

Bad Credit Loan

A logical solution is to look towards providers that specifically deal with less creditworthy borrowers. Your eligibility is typically determined by your present-day circumstances. In principle, bad credit loans are no different to normal loans – you just might have to pay a higher interest rate.

Websites such as offer an easy way to apply for a bad credit loan. They deal with numerous lenders, but you only need to fill out a single online application. From here, the details of your loan are sent to available facilities for consideration.

Friends and Family

If conventional credit facilities are to no avail, there might be a friend or family member with extra cash who can assist you. A formal approach is recommended, which typically involves a written agreement, specific terms for repayment, and reporting to credit bureaus. The last factor is especially important as it can contribute to rebuilding your credit score.

Start with an honest discussion where the needs and expectations of both parties are outlined in detail. Only when the terms of the loan are mutually agreed upon should you move forward. If all goes according to plan, you can likely benefit from lower interest rates.

Home Equity Loan

If you have some degree of ownership in your home, you can use it as collateral in place of a credit score to obtain a home equity loan. A potential benefit here is that the interest you pay on the loan is tax-deductible. However, it’s important to note that being unable to repay the debt can put your property at risk.

Take some time to explore your options. Remember that making timely payments on bills, rectifying errors on your credit report and staying within the limits of your credit card can also help.

Use Digital to Improve Your Customer Experience

The technology available to businesses these days is staggering, and with the rise of digital, it’s easier to make on-the-fly improvements to your customer experience than ever before. Taking the time to optimize for each and every digital channel is a huge task but there are some simple ways to make big improvements to your customer experience.

What is the Digital Customer Experience?

Having an understanding of what the digital experience is will open the doors to understanding just how impactful it can be for your customers. In simple terms, the digital customer experience is any interaction customers have with your business in a digital environment, whether that’s visiting the pages of your website, clicking an ad from social media or finding your business in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Taking the time to hone the way these distinct channels perform in a consistent and complimenting way will make a positive impact on the way your business can improve customer experience.

Optimize Your Google Map Listing

If you’re running a ‘bricks and mortar’ business such as a barbershop, restaurant or even a cat cafe, then your customers’ first chance to find you in 2019 will more than likely be from searching their phones and seeing a map listing a ‘near me’ style of search result. If you aren’t optimizing this space for your customers, then you’re missing a trick. Start simple with accurate and up-to-date information such as store opening times, menus and appointment requests. Professional photos of your premises on your map listing go a long way to improve the digital experience for your customers. Due to the popularity of apps such as Instagram and Pinterest — along with huge improvements to Smart Phones — consumers are accustomed to seeing polished photography on a daily basis so make sure you’re offering crisp, well-lit photography of your business in map listings. 

Develop a Social Media Strategy

In the US alone, there are over 247 million individuals using social media platforms. Therefore, optimizing in this space is hugely important. Creating content that resonates with your users and builds a sense of intrigue and trust in your brand is key. Also, inspiring your followers with what you’re creating will encourage them to invest in and support your business.

Correct Page Titles and Meta Descriptions in Search Results

If customers are finding their way to your business predominantly via search results, then making the best first impression is key to the digital experience. Page titles and meta descriptions are the first pieces of text a consumer will read before deciding whether to follow the link to your website and continue on their journey with you, so it’s critically important to get them right. The right page title and meta description will vary from business to business, but in general, making sure they’re the right length (so as not to be truncated in search results) and have a strong CTA (call to action) will ensure your users are finding their way to your content. Speaking with has always helped me in the past too.

As a Consumer, When Do You Have To Fight For Your Rights?

As a consumer, what sort of rights do you feel like you have? Do you believe that the products that you purchase should be safe? Do you think that the products that you use should not make you sick either now or later? Read more »

What You Need to Know Legally About Nursing Home Neglect

Disclaimer: The information presented below tells you information that you need to know about nursing home neglect and isn’t meant to serve as legal advice. If your elderly parent or relative has experienced neglect anytime during their entire stay in a nursing home, you would have to consult a personal injury lawyer such as as soon as possible. Read more »

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

Did you know that there are different attorneys covering different forms of personal injury? Some like Valiente Mott are able to help with all types of personal injury and they have many years of experience in ensuring that the victims and their families are protected throughout. But because personal injury law is a vast field of expertise, when undertaking research as to who to hire, you may need to find someone who is familiar with your particular type of case, whether that’s a car accident or a dog bite. As Ankin Law Office emphasises, personal injury law is where an injured party can seek compensation when someone else’s actions caused the client harm.

Here are some of the most common kinds of personal injury claims:

Car accident claims: these cases account for the highest of personal injury cases in the United States. What has to be analysed here is which party is liable i.e. who broke the rules of the road? A careless driver is usually held financially responsible for injuries caused by the accident. A car accident attorney can help to determine who was liable, and ensure the injured party is properly compensated for their loss.

Medical malpractice: these cases arise when a doctor or medical professional fails to provide proper care leading to a patient becoming injured as a result. These cases can be extremely detailed and complicated.

Slip and fall cases: this is a very common type of case. Property owners have a legal obligation to keep their premises reasonably safe and free of hazards, so as to lessen the risk of injury to people who are on the property.

Defamation – libel & slander: this is a type of case where an individual experiences injury to his or her reputation as a result of false statements. The exact nature of defamation varies depending on who is the victim. For an average person, they just need to prove that a statement about them is untrue and that actual harm came from it. Where public figures and celebrities are concerned, there is a clear distinction between intentional and reckless statements which would greatly affect the outcome of such a case.

Dog bites: in most cases the owners of a dog are financially responsible for bites and any other injuries caused by their dog, regardless whether the dog has shown signs in the past of such behaviour or not.

Assault, battery & other intentional torts: this type of injury is based on intent not accidental. The perpetrator is likely to be criminally charged particularly if there is a physical attack. On top of this, the victim can also file a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court and demand compensation for injuries sustained.


It is wise to note that laws vary considerably from state to state. The good thing about personal injury claims is that a percentage of the compensation received can oftentimes cover the legal costs. It is imperative to search out the most suited attorney for your particular kind of case, as law is a wide and varied landscape of knowledge.

Be sure to choose a well-established company like GEORGE COLLINS, P.A Choosing such a company will ensure that you will be well taken care of and that your rights will be protected with the highest of respect. Such occasions can be very stressful, and that is when you need to be placed in the best of hands.

Repair and Maintenance Options For Your Home Or Rented Apartment

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