Staying Grounded when Work Overwhelms You

All jobs include some stressful and exhausting elements, regardless of our passion and commitment to it. Work-related stress develops when a person is incapable of dealing with the daily tasks and demands, and it can lead to serious physical and mental illness. Some common job stressors include low salaries, lack of social support, unclear expectations, and certainly an excessive workload. However, there are some strategies everyone can embrace in order to reduce their own stress levels.

Relax your mind and body

You don’t need a luxurious spa weekend or sunny beach in order to relax your mind and body. Just a few minutes of meditation can make you more resilient to stress. It’s not a hard thing to do – just sit up straight, close your eyes, and focus your attention on breathing. Let any disturbing thoughts go away and let all the worries about the future or the past to vanish. Be present! Remember that you deserve this time of peace and relaxation. Only a relaxed mind can be a productive one.

Switch off your electronic devices

In today’s digital world, we’re exposed to a lot of information that has no real value to our lives. We’re constantly checking our emails, scrolling down our Facebook feeds, or watching viral videos on YouTube. To put it simply, we’re addicted to mindless information. Switch off for a few hours and you’ll feel less stressed and more productive. Even more importantly, once you start casually disconnecting yourself from electronic devices you’ll start to sleep better.

Get as much sleep as possible

There’s nothing that’s more important for your health than the quality of your sleep. It’s crucial to get as much sleep as you can! No wonder psychologists from Eastern Suburbs recommend adopting some strategies before going to bed like taking a warm shower or dimming the lights to signal your body it’s time to sleep. Getting enough sleep is very important for controlling your stress levels. It’s also important to limit your caffeine intake late in the day because it can seriously affect the quality of your sleep.

Talk to your supervisor

An open conversation with your boss is very important when work is stressing you out. Send them an email and explain the situation. However, don’t give too many details! Just ask for 20 minutes of her or his time to discuss an important matter. Let the boss know that you really appreciate your job and explain what factors are causing you to feel stressed. Keep in mind that it’s their job to keep employees happy and productive.

Eat healthy food

When we think about factors that stress us out, we rarely give much consideration to food. However, food we eat affects us more than we think. For instance, some foods like green leafy vegetables or yogurts may help you fight stress levels. Those who eat more fruits and veggies during the workday tend to feel calmer, happier, and more energetic. Also, consider eating dark chocolate from time to time, because it can reduce stress hormone levels, lower blood pressure and improve circulation. Just stay away from saturated fats and sugar, and you’ll be more satisfied and focused throughout the day.

To conclude, let me say that there’s a lot more ways you can stay grounded when work overwhelms you. Take time to recharge and remember to eliminate distractions. Find a new hobby or sign up for a class in something you’ve never done before. Hang out with people you trust. Go outside, exercise, breathe.