The best couponing strategies for the everyday saver

Couponing is a great way to save money when you’re shopping, whether you’re actively clipping and collecting or browsing a discount website or coupon service. We can’t get enough of the amazing savings that are often available, and will often go to great lengths to get the best value for money that we possibly can. However, would you know where to start when it comes to making the most of your coupons? Do you have a tried-and-tested strategy that you employ every time you shop with coupons and promo codes?

Understanding the art of couponing and promo code is essential if you’re to save money without compromising your consumer rights. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks with the aim of doing just that.

Collect your coupons and discount codes

Look out for the coupons that are most relevant to your spending habits, and those that will save you the most money. The best coupons are those for items you use most, multi-buy coupons and those providing a bulk saving. Coupons appear everywhere, from money-saving websites and also directly from manufacturers. Once you know where to look, you’ll never be without them.

Show a little loyalty

Coupons and discounts are often introduced to reward loyalty, and are usually tailored towards the items you buy and use most. Consider registering for store cards from your favourite shops and signing up for e-newsletters and discount clubs to receive further savings.

Choose an authentic supplier

Perhaps the best strategy you could possibly employ is to make sure that you’re shopping with an authentic retailer. Coupons and savings are great, until you realise that you’ve been hoodwinked into shopping with a nefarious retailer – and all for the sake of some money off. Always, always research a company prior to signing up and downloading discounts, particularly if it commands a paid membership. The Wedosavings reviews are a reassuring addition to the site, letting customers know that they can trust the contents of the website.

Use coupons effectively

Pay close attention to the coupons you have, and the discounts to which they entitle you. Can more than one coupon be used in a single transaction? If so, it’s essential that you apply the discounts in the correct order to maximise your savings. For example, it’s much better to apply your 20% coupon prior to your 10 discount coupon. You will also want to combine those coupons with store sales and cashback incentives, as well as multi-buy offers and any other applicable discounts.

Understand what you’re spending and saving

You can’t really make the most of your savings until you know where you’re earning your money. What would you otherwise be spending, and where are those savings coming from? Compare the prices of your shop before and after coupons if that’s helpful. Check what coupons you have and where you can use them, as well as the possible savings and any opportunities for things such as cashback or further discounts. Digital coupons are just as handy for saving you money online.

Familiarise yourself with the small print

What is the coupon for, and what are its restrictions? A useful strategy is to examine the fine print. Some coupons can only be used in conjunction with certain offers, while others are invalid against any other discounts. You have a right to use your coupons in the way that they were intended, so make sure that you know where, why, and how to go about claiming your savings.

Split your purchases

Splitting your purchases is a great way to make even bigger savings with coupons, whether you’re shopping online or in the supermarket. Coupons for certain bulk-buy items and a percentage of your bill are particularly useful when spread across a couple of baskets full. Take a look at how many full price and discount items you have in your trolley or online basket, and which coupons entitle you to what discount.

Finally, only buy what you need

It can be tempting to use all kinds of coupons when you’re hitting the shops. In fact, some of us will buy items purely because we have a coupon or discount code. However, doing this will only save you money if you’re shopping for things you need – otherwise, you’re spending money for the sake of it. Well, it’s not really a saving if you wouldn’t normally have splurged on it, is it? Choose the coupons that give you the best discounts on your normal shop, unless you have a special occasion for which you were saving.

There are countless ways to use coupons, with some yielding far bigger discounts than others. You don’t need to be a so-called extreme couponer to make big savings in store, so investigate the contents of your purse and see what you could be entitled to. There’s a prize couponer in there, waiting to break free.