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What Not to Do When You Are Broke

Bad financial habits have become very common these days, which leads to low savings, zero investments and a non-existent emergency fund. Student loans, rising costs of living, healthcare expenses and unemployment or minimum wage jobs are factors that further worsen your financial condition. ...Read More

How do payday loans work and what are people using them for?

Payday lending is one of the fastest growing and controversial segments of the consumer credit industry. Also called cash advance loans, small-dollar loans, etc, these are short-term easy-to-get loans for relatively small amounts. The number of companies, including online services, offering them is growing ...Read More

How to Write a Good Customer Service Resume

We have all heard the phrase ‘first impressions count’. It’s absolutely true, and when it comes to applying for a job, your resume is the first impression the potential employer will get. There is a world of difference between a well-written resume, and one ...Read More