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7 simple ways to save money in your business

Running and owning a business is hard work, so finding some quick and simple ways to save money is a great way to not only save you some time but lower your stress levels too! Not to mention the satisfaction of actually spending less ...Read More

7 Ways Technology Helps You Save Money

The pace at which new applications, software and digital devices are being created every day is stunning. While it’s hard for everyone to keep up with the changes technology is bringing about, we can’t deny that these applications have made life more convenient for ...Read More

Avoid Bankruptcy with the Help of these 6 Tips

Photo: As of March 2018, the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) reported 187,331 bankruptcy filings with California having the highest total of filings. There are many reasons why both individuals and businesses go bankrupt. This includes: ...Read More

Does the Envelope Budgeting Method Really Work

Over the years, you will come across several budgeting methods that claim to be the best in the industry. The problem here is that these methods are usually not as good as they are marketed to be. Whether you follow the 50/30/30 rule or ...Read More