Have you been in a situation with a company that you’d like to talk about? Are you looking for advice on how to get a defective product exchanged? Are you very sure you’ve been shortchanged by your car dealer because you couldn’t read the terms and conditions of the contract? Do you need help with easy-to-understand information about the lease on the apartment you’re looking to rent? Do you need legal advice from a person who understands your specific situation? You have reached just the person who can help.

My name is Meredith Middleton and my organisation is The Consumer Collective. I have set up this website where people like you and I can get together and raise awareness about our rights as consumers. I am an expert in consumer rights laws and I would love to hear from you and help in any way I can. Talk to me about the situations you’ve found yourself in. I can offer you any expert advice and information you need. Drop me a few lines using the form you see below.

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Would you like to talk about an experience you or your friends have gone through? Or, would you like to comment in an article you’ve just read? If you’d like to offer your feedback or if you have questions, please go ahead and contact me. I would love to hear from you and share your thoughts with my other readers. I am also very interested in hearing about how you tackled a common issue that most people are clueless about how to handle.

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If you are a PR company or organisation with similar ideas and are looking to partner with The Consumer Collective to help with your inputs and support, go ahead and fill in the form below. We can use all the assistance we can get. You can help us help more people at the receiving end of corporate policies. Be sure you add, “REQUEST FOR PARTNERSHIP” in the subject line so I can get back to you with the complete details you need. I will also let you know about the guest post opportunities we have available and the rates we can offer you so you can have the opportunity to write for us or even partner with us.

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Guest posting

If you are a writer or a blogger, then you can grab a guest post opportunity here. If you want to submit a guest post, visit out publish your guest post page where you can find more information.