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Best Homes In Santa Monica

Named after Saint Monica by Spanish explorers in the late 1700s, Santa Monica is fondly called “City of Inspiration” or “City by the Sea” over the years. Founded in 1875 by mining tycoon Senator Jones, Santa Monica was then incorporated in 1886. It experienced ...Read More

In-Focus – the Cost of Living in York

This little comparison will perhaps come in handy for anyone who might have fallen so deeply in love with York that they’re seriously considering moving there and making the city their permanent home, but really we’re just bringing the cost of living in York ...Read More

How to solve your housing concerns

Housing stress across the world It is commonly reported that moving house is up there as one of the most stressful times in your life. This seems to be due to the fact that not only are you completely uprooting yourself and potentially moving ...Read More

How to Deal With a Mortgage Foreclosure Efficiently

My home is my castle as the saying goes can have a new meaning in times of financial instability. If you are experiencing some troubles paying the bills due to some unexpected circumstances in your life (health problems, sudden job loss, divorce, etc.) you ...Read More