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Who Are Home Loan Brokers and Should You Use Them?

Thinking of buying that dream home? Not sure which bank to approach? Considering the idea of seeking professional help from a home loan broker? A home loan broker, also called a mortgage broker, is a layer between you, the borrower and the bank, the ...Read More

Top 5 Mortgage Trends for 2020

Studying trends, especially with regards to past occurrences helps to understand the reasons behind human behaviour. Within the context of real estate, awareness of trends keeps stakeholders, especially prospective buyers from making arbitrary decisions that may hurt their finances. Here are five trends that ...Read More

Best Homes In Santa Monica

Named after Saint Monica by Spanish explorers in the late 1700s, Santa Monica is fondly called “City of Inspiration” or “City by the Sea” over the years. Founded in 1875 by mining tycoon Senator Jones, Santa Monica was then incorporated in 1886. It experienced ...Read More

In-Focus – the Cost of Living in York

This little comparison will perhaps come in handy for anyone who might have fallen so deeply in love with York that they’re seriously considering moving there and making the city their permanent home, but really we’re just bringing the cost of living in York ...Read More