Why Built-In Recording In Microsoft Teams isn’t Enough

Using Microsoft Teams seems like enough effort for your communication and call recording purposes. The problem is that Microsoft Teams is a communication-first application. 

You can get more from recording for Microsoft Teams with an integration. Its purpose is to provide you with quality assurance, compliance, and efficiency. 

Call Recording Application 

Call Recording applications have to take advantage of big data and AI. There is more to achieve using an abundance of data, along with AI-powered recording features.

The features allow you more security and better insight into customer behavior. Also, call recording software needs to stay compliant with the latest laws and regulations. 

Then, you need features such as transcription, natural language processing, and speech recognition. Together, the features allow you to understand the dynamic between employees and customers. 

Optimization becomes a simple process with call recording software. The issue is that the premise is that you use Microsoft Teams for collaboration. 

Instead of buying new software, or changing your whole setup, try Atmos integration from CallCabinet. 

Atmos enables enterprises to upgrade their Microsoft Teams customer experience, reduce security risks, and meet global compliance and data sovereignty standards. It offers seamless integration, and you can migrate to it from any legacy system. 

To get the whole idea, let’s take a look at the specific features of Atmos integration. 

Critical Compliance 

Whether you work in e-commerce, finance, health, or another industry, compliance to the standard is mandatory. A business should abide by all laws, regulations, and data regulations. 

Keeping track of all regulations is daunting for busy business owners. Instead, use the integration that covers all legal aspects of call recording. 

An additional benefit is that Atmos integration and meet any global compliance regulation, including:

  • GDPR
  • Dodd-Frank
  • FCA
  • MiFID II
  • POPI
  • CCPA
  • SOC 2
  • FAIS
  • FICA

Staying in compliance is necessary for legal business practices. Instead of manually checking data compliance to specific standards, cover your bases with a single solution. 

That remains but a single facet of the business. Whether it’s remote working, remote learning, or commerce, you want to offer quality assurance. 

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a valuable aspect of online business. Working in finance or handling sensitive data requires that you collect the call data in a specific manner. 

There are procedures to follow when it comes to handling information like credit card numbers or medical data. Keeping a database of calls with proper timestamps could help you settle matters with customers quickly. 

Pulling out data and listening to calls is simple with the Atmos platform. With speech-to-text transcription and AI-powered tools, you can find any data from any time. 

After that, rely on advanced analytics to optimize and improve your business. Atmos integration helps you to learn about the best performers but also what makes them the best. 

AI-powered analytics can recognize and analyze speech. It gives you an insight into what type of tone and voice gets the best response from the customers.  

Get your report and improve your business. 


Another excellent feature of the Atmos is that it’s a cloud-based app. Cloud gives you more stability and ownership of the data. 

Using a cloud-based app helps you manage data better. With Atmos, it takes minutes to consolidate new and archived compliance data. Also, you can import call data into the customer’s infrastructure. 

And, your business retains 100% control of recorded calls, transcripts, and metadata. Access them anywhere with an internet connection.  

Atmos works 24/7 since the primary operations of the integrations are cloud-based. You won’t need any additional hardware to access the Atmos platform and manage data.  

Finally, you don’t have to worry about Atmos ever going offline. Atmos relies on cloud-based technology for all operations. 

In the past, similar solutions had virtual machines as the support for working. Atmos is an integration of the new generation. 

Everything from data to operational system, all of that is in the cloud. 

Call Recording Features 

The thing that Microsoft Teams lack isn’t about features. Microsoft Teams lack specifications for those features. 

As a solution, Microsoft Teams offer everything you need for communication with your team or customers. It allows you to have conference calls, send and receive files, and chat with people. 

However, Microsoft Teams lacks advanced features to help you improve your business. Some of the features are available with built-in recording solutions. However, you’ll lose a lot of data in the process. 

An additional reason to move from the built-in solutions is due to enterprise technology. AI-powered features offer direct insight into how customers communicate with your business. 

Also, Atmos allows you to call audio and video while you store metadata and calls. And, you can connect with any other device. 

Manage calls from the Atmos integration online. Still, even all of this doesn’t cover the real benefit of the integration. 

Enterprise Solution 

The primary reason why Microsoft Teamsbuilt-in solutions aren’t enough is because it lacks features. In contemporary business, you can’t move forward without data. 

The data is integral to help you connect with the customers. Later, using the data, you can craft specific strategies or technically optimize your business. 

It all comes down to whether or not you want your business to reach a new level. Without any romantic rhetoric, it’s about whether you want: 

  • More profit 
  • Better customer experience 
  • Lifetime value customers 
  • Integration with legacy apps and devices
  • More protection
  • Higher security for customers 
  • More stability 
  • Compliance with global standards
  • Cloud-based integration 
  • Speech-to-text transcription 
  • AI-powered tools

If you do, then upgrade your Microsoft Teams experience with Atmos by CallCabinet. 

Give Atmos by CallCabinet a Try 

Atmos by CallCabinet serves to help you get more for your business. Try it if you want a secure, data-driven solution to improve call recording. 

After all, this is the age of data – use it to your advantage.