What Are the Top Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating on You?

No matter how strong and secure your relationship may be, no one can escape the doubt that their spouse may be cheating. While movies and TV shows make it seem easy to spot a cheating spouse, in reality, the signs may be more subtle than you think.

Cheating doesn’t look the same in every scenario, as infidelity comes in many different forms. Hence, if you have the unpleasant feeling that your spouse or partner may be cheating on you, you would want to put these feelings to rest as soon as possible. 

Is Your Partner Cheating On You?

While you may want to catch your cheating spouse or partner red-handed, it can be a little tricky. After all, there is always the possibility of being wrong. Thus, it is best to observe whether your partner is behaving suspiciously. Some signs are obvious, while others are subtle. Of course, if your partner or spouse is cheating on you, they would also take steps to hide it from you.

Your Partner is Unreachable

Of course, urgent meetings and poor network connections are legitimate reasons for your partner not picking up your call or answering your texts. However, if they are frequently busy, have been acting suspiciously, or often need to go out for long business trips, it is not a good sign.

If both of you have a habit of informing the other when you are not available, it is quite suspicious if they suddenly go missing without any explanation. Hence, you should note how often you cannot reach your partner and verify whether their claims of being in a meeting are true.

Improved Appearance

Everyone wants to take care of their health and how they look. But if your partner or spouse suddenly decides to change their appearance drastically, then you have a reason to be suspicious. If your partner seems to take great care of how they look when they are going to the office or meeting with others but don’t put in as much effort when they are out with you, the chances are that they are dressing up to impress others.

Secretive When Using Phone or Computer

Perhaps the most suspicious behaviour is when your partner or spouse becomes secretive while using their phone or tablet. You will notice they never leave their phone unattended, sometimes going as far as taking it with them when they are showering. They may also lock their phone with a password or clear their browser history after every use if you have a shared computer.

Of course, if they have always been this way, you may not have a cause to worry, but if you notice this sudden change, you can be sure that they have something on their phone or laptop that they do not want you to see. 

Hostile or Indifferent Behaviour

When a person is cheating on you, they always try to justify their behaviour in some way. Of course, they may feel guilty and know that what they are doing is wrong; hence, they try to justify their behaviour by either picking fights, finding fault in what they are doing, or trying to justify that they have changed in some way or the other. Frequent fights and your partner acting indifferent towards you may be a sign that they are cheating.

If you have any suspicions that your partner or spouse may be cheating on you, it is always best to confront them. But, if you wish to avoid unwanted confrontations, hire a private investigator to understand the true cause of these behavioural changes.

In some cases, your partner may be stressed or overworked, which may cause them to behave differently. Whatever is the reason, an investigator can get to the bottom of your suspicions to confirm or quiet them.