How to Create a Seamless Customer Journey Online

Customer experience as a term encompasses every single interaction a potential customer has with your brand, from first becoming aware of you on social media, right down to the final buying process on your website. As a brand, its important to make sure that every interaction and touchpoint your target customers have with your brand online is a positive one. With competition being so fierce online today, one negative experience or interaction can cause a potential customer to drop off your funnel and find what they need elsewhere. Here are some expert tips on how to create a customer journey online in 2021 that is coherent, consistent and not disjointed.

Cross-channel marketing strategies

A seamless customer journey in 2021 needs to occur on an omnichannel basis, also known as multi-channel marketing, spanning across social media, paid ads, emails, your website and any other places where your target customer might come across your brand and choose to interact.

A brands digital marketing funnel and buying journey is arguably far more important and difficult to manage and keep on top of than any real-life interactions. Rather than being face to face with your consumers, you have to rely on your digital assets and content to do the talking. The majority of adults and even kids these days have constant access to the internet, meaning we are constantly shopping and seeking new brands to interact with. If brands don’t want to fall behind, they need a varied and unique cross-channel marketing strategy in place.

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User experience of your website

The game really has stepped up when it comes to website design and offering your users a smooth experience when browsing your site. A site that’s slow to load, text-heavy, dull or simply outdated can seriously limit conversion rates and with so many brands offering highly visual and innovative sites these days, brands can’t afford to neglect to do the same. Once people have arrived on your site to browse your products having interacted with you through another marketing channel or clicking from the search results, they are at a later stage of the funnel so the experience they have on your site is crucial to whether they convert or drop off. Make sure your site has an intuitive navigation with your URLs organised into logical subfolders so that it is user-friendly and SEO-friendly. Avoid having any orphaned off pages or products on your site – if Google’s crawlers can’t find a page, your users won’t be able to either and you can end up missing out on potential sales.

Checkout process

A final key tip to making sure that the journey from brand awareness to browsing to purchasing is as smooth as possible is to focus on your checkout process. You can invest as much time, effort and money into optimising your customer journey across all your key marketing channels, but if your checkout process is letting you down this can all go to waste.

Make sure your checkout process is as simple, quick and trustworthy as possible to avoid people abandoning their carts at the very last stage. For example, you should aim to keep your required details as minimal as possible, offer an auto-fill option for those who have their details saved to their phone or desktop, and make sure that guest checkout is an option for those in a rush that will begrudge having to create an account for a one-time purchase. On top of this, make sure you offer a variety of delivery and payment options so your customers are aware they have plenty of choices in how to have their items shipped and paid for. With a huge portion of brands now offering consumers flexible payment options, you could consider doing the same to allow your customers to pay in a way that suits them and their lifestyle.

As you can see, devising and maintaining an effective and positive customer journey isn’t just a one-stop strategy. There is a huge range of marketing channels and website aspects to consider to ensure that every time someone deals with your brand, they come away having had a positive experience. Take the time to get it right though, and your brand will notice a huge increase in brand awareness, conversion rates and thus revenue.

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