Wholesale Silver Jewelry is More than Meets the Eye

Buying online has become one of the most practiced shopping behaviors over the last 20 years. If there is a line at the shop you wanted to visit, or a certain store is closed, or if there isn’t enough time to physically go shopping, buying online offers the solution. Though for some consumers, there are some products that they want to see in person before they consider buying, and for a while, jewelry fell into that category. Though in recent years, particularly during COVID-19, consumers are more comfortable buying online, especially wholesale silver jewelry.

The “wholesale” tag shouldn’t scare away consumers; it isn’t an indictment of quality. Instead, there are a host of factors that contribute to the abundance of wholesale silver jewelry on the market today. And since none of these factors are nefarious in nature, it is safe to pull the trigger on that piece of jewelry you’ve had your eyes on, whether that be vintage chain necklaces or any other item.

Wholesale is everywhere

There are a few reasons why there has been an uptick in high-quality jewelry being sold at a wholesale price, you can see here the different types of jewelry available for wholesale to gain a better understanding. The most overt is a direct consequence of COVID-19. Back in early 2020 when COVID-19 began to spread rapidly, there was a worldwide shutdown on logistics and local lockdowns restricting retail. This sent logistics providers and retailers scrambling to get move goods instead of having them accumulate costs in warehouses.

Simultaneously, there was a hard consumer pivot towards e-commerce, which left retailers with a single option to adapt or fail. This pivot forced many retailers to close their shops and move exclusively online. The effect to the consumer in this new terrain was quite beneficial. With significantly lower overhead costs, fewer staff on payroll, and a warehouse full of inventory, retailers could sell their wares at lower prices without destroying their bottom line.

The jewelry industry was not an exception to this phenomenon, which is why you see so many offers for wholesale silver jewelry across e-commerce platforms like Wholesale Sparkle.

Promotion of Local Goods

Another major shift that wholly benefited consumers was the promotion of local products in the face of the new retail landscape. Once international logistics returned to an operational level, many small businesses started to promote on a larger scale. This was one of the rare benefits of COVID-19.

Many small businesses that produced handcrafts for their local markets were able to find much broader reach, and because many of the businesses were from countries with lower costs of living, their retail prices appeared to be “wholesale” prices to Western eyes. They were able to keep their employees earning a reasonable living wage while still having attractive prices to an international audience.

This was certainly the case in the jewelry business. Small businesses from countries like Thailand saw significant increases in demand for goods from places as far as the United States. So if you are shopping for the perfect holiday gift or even just looking to treat yourself, check out wholesale silver jewelry. There may be just a great story behind the brand that you can support by making a purchase.