What Brands can Expect from Working with a Remarketing Agency

One of the most frustrating metrics for marketers to see is the number of potential customers who visited your website or application but did not perform your intended action, such as make a purchase. This can be defeating, as it would appear that your potential customers decided against making a purchase at the last minute; however, a remarketing agency will be able to tell you that isn’t always the case.

Customers will often fail to complete the sales process on your website for reasons unrelated to your business. This can be because of unforeseen interruptions such as telephone calls or something that requires urgent attention or simply running out of time. Successful remarketing agencies will identify these customers as those who need an extra nudge to complete the sales process and will help brands develop marketing campaigns to specifically target them.

So what exactly is “remarketing”, and how can an agency help you rein in those straggling customers on the fringe of the purchasing process? Here is some useful information about remarketing and what to expect when you hire a remarketing agency.

What is Remarketing?

Expanding on the summary above, remarketing is the process of using those customers’ information that you gained when they accessed your website or application to send them targeted advertisements. Depending on your website’s privacy settings, you can extract information from each users’ visit, such as their IP address and their history on your site. You can also attach cookies to the user, which follows them around the internet. These cookies are useful because they will allow the advertisements you create to appear on other pages that specific user visits in the future.

Once you have this information, you can create targeted ad campaigns that will follow the user as they scroll the internet. For example, a potential customer who viewed your product but didn’t buy can be sent ads for the specific product they viewed. This is where the “re” in remarketing comes in, as you are not pushing them any new information; rather, you are reminding them that your product is out there in hopes it triggers a purchase.

What to Expect from an Agency

Marketing agencies will help take simple remarketing to the next level. Using advanced data analytics combined with in-depth knowledge about your brand and offerings, professional agencies to target potential and current customers with different advertisements. Moreover, a dynamic creative agency can provide you with templates to aim towards product-specific client base through animated promotion content, location-based targeting, CTA with a countdown to drive urgency, etc.

A customer who purchased from your website might appreciate an advertisement for a complimentary product that you offer, which could be a promotional strategy such agencies may provide. With the many different advertising tools on platforms like Google, Facebook, and email, marketers have a bevy of ways to reach a user.

Remarketing is a great advertising option for brands to use, and agencies will maximize your efforts and money to achieve the most sales. Remarketing campaigns are proven to be successful, and contrary to popular belief, many customers actually appreciate the remarketing ads they receive. At the end of the day, customers are all human and are prone to get distracted; there is nothing wrong with sending them a friendly ad to get them back on track.