Why Is The Modular Housing Business Booming?

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Modular housing has taken over the housing industry by a storm. Its features, like attractive cost, sustainability, easy availability, amongst many others, have made it a hit among indivudals looking for temporary accommodation and also those wanting to invest in the housing business. Modularly built houses are not like your regular type of accommodation. They are, in fact, very different from the traditional style.

Modular houses are factory built – meaning unlike traditional homes and buildings, the construction of modular houses does not occur on-site. They are prefabricated. Once ready, they are shifted from the factory and assembled on site.

Below, we have shed light on some of the reasons why modular housing is becoming increasingly popular.

1.      Low Price

There is nothing any buyer wants more than purchasing an asset at the lowest possible price. Modular houses are priced much lower than traditional real estate. One reason behind this is the low costs incurred in production. The material, technology, labor force, and time all are considerably low and efficient.

However, a point to note is that price and cost can depend on many factors such as location, quality of materials, and the customer’s wants. But, modular houses are still at an advantage.

Moreover, another crucial fact about the rising modular housing industry is the rise in modular man camp housing. Like buyers, businesses are always looking for a cost-effective solution to provide temporary accommodation to employees.

2.      Easy Availability

With the internet being a superiorly powerful resource today, many people are switching their buying patterns to online shopping and assistance. Looking for modular housing online is undoubtedly hassle-free, mainly because you don’t necessarily have to go on-site and dive into meticulous details you would have to while looking at regular housing options. Modular houses are relatively simple and standardized in terms of their construction, and you pretty much know what you’re getting at the end of the deal.

3.      Sustainability

One of the most attractive features of modular housing is its focus on being waste-free and more sustainable in the long run. There has been a growing demand for eco-friendly and green products and services. People are more aware and willing to take part in the consumption of things that preserve the environment.

The use of solar panels in a modular house helps save up energy consumption and reduces the need for energy through the power grid system. Apart from noticeably decreasing the power bill, solar panels generate renewable energy. Renewable energy can create multiple benefits for the ecosystem, a very significant one being; reduction in resource depletion. Moreover, even the LED lighting used is sustainable.

Another sustainable feature of modular housing is the zero-waste it creates. Since the construction takes place, off-site, frames and other parts are prefabricated. These are then sent to the site and pieced together using heavy machinery. This whole process creates little to no waste, unlike, traditional construction which is hardly waste-free.

Lastly, the use of solar energy can also lead to water efficiency due to the reduction in the energy required for water heating. Modular houses are designed in such a way so that the loss of water heat from pipes can be reduced to a certain extent. All of this is likely to decrease the costs of utility bills.

4.      Safer Option

Theft and robbery of supplies and equipment during construction is more common than you probably realize. Different housing modules being built at a different location under controlled conditions substantially reduce any such mishap’s risk. Besides, many homeowners move into their new homes before it is even fully secure. Easy access through less security can also attract theft and robbery.

However, modular houses don’t have this long and risky process for their owners to follow. Homeowners can once and for all move into their new homes when fully built and adequately secured.

5.      Strongly Structured

Lastly, an obvious but important point to note. A modular houses’ structure is way more robust than those traditionally build of wood. The fabrication of modular homes goes through stringent production standards, leaving almost very little room for error during assembly. Not to mention,  they are made of materials designed to withstand the load of transportation and climatic adversities.


Modular housing has shaped up to become one of the most in-demand types of accommodation worldwide. With buyers, renters, and investors being offered so much, there is no reason for them not to be captivated by the modular housing.