Making Sober Decision about Drinking While You’re Sober

Making decisions while you’re drunk isn’t exactly the best way to go about your life. You need to make them while you’re sober. It’s best to organise a designated driver before you even arrive at the venue where you’ll be enjoying some adult beverages or maybe CBD is your thing in which case CBD oil vs. CBD gummies it all comes down to personal preference as both supply similar benefits. This way you won’t be tempted to succumb to the Dutch-courage-fuelled impulse to decide you’re sober enough to risk driving home.

Many people who go to pubs or go on a drinking spree are generally doing it to let loose and completely forget about any normal rules they should follow. This makes them bad decision-makers. People sometimes even combine their alcohol with CBD, which is not a good idea if you’re going to travel. You could read more about the effects that mixture has on your mind and body. Besides that, impairing your judgment to such a high degree is not great if you haven’t planned your night out. Therefore, a bit of sober planning before getting drunk is always a good idea.

Alcohol and transportation don’t always go well together. For instance, in a study published by the Journal of Health Economics, researchers showed that the average drunk driver typically picks the fastest car he can find in a parking lot, and then tailgates the vehicle in front of him until he has the perfect chance to run the tailgater off the road. He then forces the tailgater’s car to stop by crashing his car into it.

Stopping for alcohol is one thing, but when you’re behind the wheel and are feeling the alcoholic effects of several vodkas, beer, or wine, it can be hard to resist the temptation to keep on going. There are other ways to party in a responsible way, though. Drinking responsibly is about choosing the right venue to get smashed. Sometimes, different places may have different age limits to enter a bar or pub, so you may be underage in some cities but not in others. Partying responsibly means knowing your limits to drinking, and not going overboard. So maybe breaking a few rules by getting some namesake IDs here can be okay, only if you make the decision to NOT drive after drinking! Just because you’re having drinks at a bar doesn’t mean you should be driving home at 3 in the morning.

We’ve compiled a list of where you shouldn’t drive when you’ve had a drink to celebrate your birthday, bar crawl, or other drinking experience. If you’re planning a bit of an extravaganza, such as your or your friend’s bachelor party in Asheville (or wherever you decide to go), of course you can drink and have a good time. But that is still no reason to get yourself sloshed out of your mind! Drink responsibly and see how fun that can be too. You could also always supplement the drinking with some good, safe “stuff” from Orange County CBD.

If you’re looking for a bar crawl guide for your next night out, check out some bar crawling ideas that have a little bit of a different dimension to them than that of exclusively getting sloshed:

Pubs That Book Races

Bar racing is a great way to have a good time. If your bar has a special race night, don’t drive home and think to yourself, “Man, I wish I had a cool job that made me get free drinks all day long.”

Pubs that have live bands

Stop by any bar that has a live band, listen to the music, and stay after the show if you want to make new friends or have a dance party. Have fun, and don’t drive home.

Local Brewery Pubs

The old-school pub where you go when you want to forget about all the world’s problems and have a few cold ones? Yeah, don’t drive home after drinking a six-pack of your local brew.

This is a great time to drink something you won’t be offended if someone else offers you. That beer cooler isn’t like those fancy tall boys you’ve had at home. People are going to know you’re out of practice and not a real drinker. In fact, they’re probably having so much fun that you’re in for a ride.

Want something fun? Look for a bar that has live music and feature local brews. One note: Bar prices are a factor in whether you’ll have fun sober or not.

Co-Working Offices

Don’t even think about driving home after a drink at the co-working office. It may seem safe enough, and these spaces are usually easy to find. This is a group project; don’t drive home at 3 a.m.