Travelling On A Budget_How To Travel Without Getting Into Debt

One of the greatest luxuries in life is travelling the world. There’s no other feeling than breathing in the fresh air of a new location each morning. However, travelling can become expensive, which means that travelling experiences are either cut short, or far and few between. Have you ever wondered how some people spend months if not years on the road, and don’t seem to spend any time working? Where does their money come from? True travellers know that you don’t necessarily need a large budget to see the world and in this article, we’re going to show you how you can travel the world on a budget without getting into debt.

Eliminate any money that you owe

Whether you’re trying to pay off a loan for car repairs, or your utilities are a little overdue, it’s important to eliminate any money that you owe before even thinking about travelling. As you’re probably aware, in most cases, money owed accrues interest which could leave you with a massive bill when you return from your jollies. Unfortunately, some debts that you owe might not be as simple as clearing a balance off, and it’s understandable that you don’t want to wait years before travelling the world. Luckily, companies like National Debt Advice offer debt management which could wipe off up to 85% of the money that you owe. They work out who you owe and how much and set up an affordable repayment plan that works well with your lifestyle. They will also take charge of dealing with the companies that you owe, so you no longer have to worry about those pesky phone calls and letters.

Choose alternative accommodation

If you’re thinking of travelling the world, the matter of accommodation has likely crossed your mind. Floating from hotel to hotel will become costly – and fast, so take a look at these alternative accommodation ideas to consider so that you’re not breaking the bank:

  • Buy a tent and find somewhere to pitch up for the night. It will keep you as close to nature as possible and give you some of the most breathtaking views each morning. Just be sure that you’re not pitching up on the private property!
  • Stay with a family that welcome travellers into their home. This will include a bed, food, and cleaning amenities all in return for working on their farm for a few days. A great way to see the world and experience the culture in its purest form.
  • Consider staying in a hostel if you’re looking for a real backpacking/living-it-rough experience. They cost next to nothing for a night or two and can give you some fantastic memories to take away with you. Moreover, you can also look into hostel Tel Aviv and similar others that can provide you a luxurious stay with room choices such as pods, mini rooms, twin rooms, dorms, and more at an affordable price.

Opt for free sightseeing

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are travelling is by paying for sightseeing tours or events that are on at the time. While this is sure to be an amazing experience, to keep your wallet fat you should opt for the free side of sightseeing. Walk along rocky beaches and explore old abandoned caves. Sometimes, the greatest experiences are those that you stumble into by accident, so let your legs do the walking! Just be sure to take your camera to capture some pictures of the beautiful corners of our earth.

Ditch the aeroplane

Another mistake that people make when they are travelling the world is by jumping on the closest plane at the most convenient time for them. While you may have to catch a plane for some of the further and out at sea destinations, you should try and avoid getting on one at all costs. Ticket costs mount up quickly and even if you’re a frequent flyer that bags air miles, you’d be better off investing in a campervan and travelling in that.

Another great part about travelling on the ground is that you have the opportunity to see so many more different parts of the world which adds to your overall travelling experience! Also, when you’re travelling via the road, when it comes to crossing oceans it’s much easier to use a ferry than it ever has been. Alternatively, you could use the channel tunnel as an option from travelling to and from Europe and the UK.

As you can see, travelling the world doesn’t have to be super expensive, and it’s totally possible for all kinds of budgets to see the wonders of our beautiful world!