The Foolproof Guide for Obtaining an Extraordinary Number of Facebook Likes

Founded by Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin, Facebook was launched in February 2004 as a way for Harvard students to easily communicate with their peers. Met with an immensely enthusiastic audience, Facebook rapidly expanded to include Boston-area colleges and subsequently to universities all across the United States and Canada, to finally become inclusive to the general populace, requiring only an email address and an age requirement of thirteen and above.

Since its inception in 2004, Facebook has gone on to make a broad range of significant impacts to the economy, media, policial sphere, and ultimately on society as a collective whole. Over the last fourteen years, Facebook has become not only become the paramount social media network, but also an extraordinary international enterprise with a massive base of over two billion users.

Among the many factors rendering Facebook distinctively unique is the site’s ability to enable users to easily connect with friends, colleagues, and schoolmates in an efficient and effortless manner. Further facilitating relationships and experiences between users and their peers, Facebook introduced the memorable “Like” button in February of 2009.

Facebook’s like button provided users with “an easy way to tell friends that you like what they’re sharing on Facebook with one easy click.” The like button enabled users to go beyond merely commenting on their friend’s content but also indicating that they liked the subject matter.

Since its introduction to Facebook, the Like button has become an essential game-changer of crucial importance as a valuable data source for both businesses and personal users.

In 2015, researchers from The University of Cambridge and Stanford University released a report detailing how a user’s Facebook Likes could be used as an indicative measure of their psychological profile. 86,000 participants completed a 100 question survey to provide researchers with an abundance of astounding results, including substantive conclusions on the psychology of individual users.

For marketing and business, this kind of data is of supreme importance. Enabling businesses to determine percentages of customers who share similar or identical interests, marketing efforts can be refined to target people matching that specific profile. In essence, the data assists businesses to identify their key audiences to then make optimal strategies to sell more products and services.

Facebook Likes is a revolutionary concept that has become an integral part of the social media experience. Far more than just a sign of approval from friends, family, and peers, Facebook Likes can provide businesses and individuals with a multitude of benefits to ultimately transform the way business and communication are conducted. 

Benefits of Facebook Likes

  • An indicator of social proof, relevance, importance, and popularity
  • An essential element for businesses in terms of branding and more
  • Help to define a Facebook feed
  • Assists in establishing audience response
  • Define the overall “reach” and prowess of a person or business
  • Builds interest, engagement, and familiarity
  • Heightened exposure for obtaining potential customers
  • Procures leads
  • Reduces marketing expenses
  • Targets specific audiences
  • Creates brand loyalty
  • Increases web traffic
  • Fosters and cultivates relationships between individuals and businesses
  • Encourages engagement
  • Boosts SEO processes 

Read on below to learn how to grow your business or personal endeavors through our Foolproof Guide for Obtaining an Extraordinary Number of Facebook Likes.

The Foolproof Guide for Obtaining an Extraordinary Number of Facebook Likes

Strategy #1 – Call on friends, family, employees and existing contacts to Like your Facebook page 

Take inventory of your contact base in a comprehensive fashion. Friends, family, colleagues, and existing customers are all viable sources who can bulk up your quantity of Facebook Likes.

Reaching out to people can be conducted in person, through Facebook messaging, or through email. Politely inquiring for a simple Like and perhaps a positive review can yield substantial results over time.

While many individuals may balk at the notion of asking people to essentially do them a favor, it’s important to remember that the benefits outweigh the possible negative of being rebuked.

Additionally, people will very rarely refuse a request to Like a Facebook page. Due to Facebook’s effortless “click and go” Like design, administering a Like is a task that takes mere seconds.

Aside from merely asking, there are myriad approaches that can be taken to encourage customers to become Facebook fans of your page. Consider the highly effective strategy of running discount promos for customers to become fans of your Facebook page.

If you have a storefront, consider placing stickers or posters in the windows and at the front door promoting your page. You can also put your Facebook page’s URL on your menu, business cards, receipts and other paper documents, such as flyers, coupons, ads, catalogs, and direct mail.

Don’t forget the importance of employees, as they have the potential to become an integral component in helping your business build its reputation via Facebook. Absolutely worth noting is that employees tend to be very enthusiastic to help their employers in any way they can and will often be amongst your most compelling brand advocates.

Strategy #2 – Ensure that your Facebook page contains searchable information

Searchable information is among the most critically important (and easy) strategies to employ when growing your number of Facebook fans and Likes.

To execute this strategy, carefully pore over each and every section of your Facebook page to ensure that every portion includes content that is both relevant and searchable. This is important because Facebook pages are automatically indexed by search engines, and by refining your content, you can easily attract a substantial number of fans to your Facebook page.

Note: Do not spam keywords as a way to create faux content. Not only is this an inefficient waste of time, but it will only serve to turn off potential customers and other individuals. Make a concerted effort to create meaningful content with appropriate keywords to optimize and amplify your page.

Strategy #3 – Make it a point to include Facebook Likes anywhere and everywhere

In order to promote and strengthen your Facebook presence, you need to make your Facebook page easily discoverable.

Making your page discoverable is an easy task and can be achieved in the following ways:

  • Optimizing the use of all marketing channels available, including cross promoting on sites like Linkedin and Twitter
  • Add a link to your Facebook URL on your personal or business Linkedin, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, main website, and blog
  • Regularly Tweet about your business or Facebook page to stay in contact with various followers and connections from other networks
  • Include your Twitter (and other sites) URL link to your Facebook page 

Strategy #4 – Post meaningful, relevant, and engaging content

The phrase “Content is King” cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to procuring Facebook Likes to grow your page.

Considered by many to be the most important method to increase Facebook fans and Likes, high-quality, insightful content encourages  a high degree of interaction and builds long-term relationships with followers

Strategy #5 – Image is everything 

Endeavor to create a phenomenal first impression that is both compelling and memorable to potential Facebook followers. In fact, a  visual post is twice as likely to get Facebook likes than plain text.

Savvy Facebook users are well aware that posting the highest quality content is an ineffective strategy when accompanied by enticing videos or photos. Understanding the power of aesthetics can assist you in creating a Facebook page replete with dynamic images that attract and sustain user interest. 

Consider the following when crafting an unforgettable visual experience for your followers: 

  • Using a video (in place of a photo) for your Facebook cover photo
  • Make your Facebook cover photo relevant to your purpose
  • Aim for vibrant and engaging visuals that encourage clicking
  • Utilize free stock image sites such as and
  • Peruse sites like for visual inspiration 

Add relevant information to enhance your visuals such as the following examples: 

  • Showcasing new products and services
  • Inform followers what concert, conference, or event you will be attending
  • Advertise promotions, specials, and deals
  • Take advantage of useful applications such as for pre-formatted templates to use
  • Consider the importance and types of advertisements you have on your page and the overall impact they have on the user experience
  • Utilize Facebook’s “Page Like Ad,” which includes “Call-to-action” (CTA) suggestions to users to Like your Facebook Page


Immersing yourself in social media marketing is among the most dynamic strategies you can undertake for optimizing audience numbers for business or personal purposes. With more than two billion users, Facebook grants businesses and individuals access to a huge audience and an infinitude of opportunities.

Facebook Likes are an integral part of any digital marketing strategy and are critical to optimizing visibility, popularity, and success in today’s online world. Through the implementation of simple yet effective strategies, building a dynamic Facebook page can be easily achieved to ultimately bring forth incredible positive results.