How to Change What Your Office Interior Says About You

If you’ve ever worked for a variety of businesses, you’ve probably noticed a quite stark disparity in various aspects of the office environments. It can be quite jarring, for example, to go from a cozy and casual small business office space to a tight and professional corporate office (and vice versa). When rethinking your office interior, the most important thing is that it feels natural and works well with your business style.

If your business ever invites clients or business partners into your space for meetings or any other type of appointment, you will want to foster an office environment that will be comfortable to them and soothe their worries about potential problems that could arise. It is, after all, hard to trust another business with your interests when so many just don’t get the job done.

In addition to this, it is incredibly important to create the type of office environment that will stimulate productivity in the employees. It is basically they who are working in the office and the fit out should be suitable for them. Even if you are looking for a commercial fitout in London or elsewhere, to do the job, it would be desirable to take into consideration the requirements of the employees. Many companies of all sectors and sizes have found that small tweaks to the office interior can have surprising effects on the productivity of those working in it.

For both cases mentioned above, making ample use of corporate digital signage solutions could be something to consider. With the option to play curated videos; highlight company values to clients; motivate employees via the displayed content; or anything else you would want to showcase inside your offices, these systems can work for you in line with the style you want to maintain.

Find a Consistent Style

How do you want your office to feel? Do you want it to seem stable and professional or more modern and creative? Even tried and true dichotomies like these can easily break down into more modular pieces to form nuanced styles that fit your business perfectly. Some of the most popular styles today are unique blends of modern furniture with clean, crisp features and some more classic subtleties beneath. This can include furniture ranging from comfortable office chairs, from somewhere like Office Monster ( to desks, rugs, and filing cabinets. Your furniture can make a big difference to the overall ambience of your office space. Remember: creativity and professionalism are not mutually exclusive.

If your business mostly caters to older, more frugal folk then you would probably be keen to keep it classical. Some no-nonsense types will feel much more comfortable trusting you if you keep a style that says “We’ve done this before”.

However, if your clientele largely consists of younger or more open-minded people, then you might want to go with something fresh and unique that sends the message “We think outside of the box”. If you are thinking of changing the interior of your office, a good interior designer will always be able to help you find stable middle grounds that reflect your business practices and maintain a comfortable office atmosphere for the people that spend most of their days in the space.

Keep It Clean

This point cannot be stressed enough. Too many times does a perfectly agreeable client walk into an office and decide, based on the state of disarray alone, that they don’t trust the company with their assets. No matter what your style is or who you cater to, everybody loves a clean office. It sends a strong message that you stay on top of your work and keep your ducks in a row. That’s an attribute that will make anybody feel more comfortable. Plus, it makes the work environment more enjoyable for the employees that practically live there. Hire a regular cleaning service and urge employees to clean up after themselves as much as possible to maintain a clean and comfortable atmosphere in the workplace. You won’t believe what a difference this can make.