4 SEO Benefits of Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is nothing new, especially in the world of business where titans clash with other titans and small businesses lock horns with each other. And let’s be honest, things are far worse in the kingdom of internet, where the ruling opportunities are few but competitors are many. It is a kingdom where no one company has any unfair advantage – here everyone is equal, thanks to the non-biasness of search engines. Here everyone relies on best SEO practices, naturally giving way to the idea of competitive analysis in SEO.

Competitive analysis in SEO provides the intelligence which can be utilized to shape up a strategy to out-maneuver the competition and more importantly, establish oneself as the industry leader in the digital kingdom.

Welcome to the blog where we would discuss how competitive analysis in SEO can benefit your own company.

SEO Competitive Analysis Helps You to Improve Your Link Profile

Link building is an important practice in SEO and quality backlinks help a website to be ranked higher on search engines. As an operator in ecommerce, you can never have enough of credible backlinks to help improve your visibility. This is where SEO competitive analysis can help you out. You can simply check the backlinks of your competitors and determine which links help them to score highest in SERPs. Using this information, you can then start building relationship with the webmaster of those indexed websites and improve your own link profile.

SEO Competitive Analysis Helps You to Reinforce Your Keyword Strategy

Finding the right keyword and using it the right way is important for any business if you want to generate higher organic traffic. Through SEO competitive analysis you can study the keywords which help your competitor to generate more traffic through search engines. Moreover, you will not only be able to find the keywords which receive most hits but you will also be able to understand how these keywords are being used by your competitor to generate new blog ideas. This combined knowledge can then be utilized to optimize your existing and future content, while also incorporating them in your paid campaigns.

SEO Competitive Analysis Helps You to Tap into the Mindset of Your Competitor’s Customer Base

Every digital strategy and every practice that a business implements, more or less revolves around its customer’s target persona. You already have your customer base, but how about tapping into the mindset of your competitor’s customer base and diverting the traffic to your doors? There is no greater blow to a competitor than managing to disrupt its revenue stream. Perform an in-depth SEO audit of your competitor and try to understand their practices and strategies. Leverage that information as part of your SEO strategy and expand your audience.

SEO Competitive Analysis Helps You to BETTER Your Competitor

Many SEO analysts believe that copying the competitor’s policy is the ultimate aim of SEO competitive analysis. However, it’s not about matching your competitor; it’s about adopting their strong points with your existing good SEO practices. And learn from their mistakes so that you don’t repeat them. Out maneuvering your business competitor is more about observing, learning and then adapting rather than simply following the footsteps of your competitor. Therefore, use SEO competitive analysis wisely and smartly.

A Bonus for You!

To make your SEO competitive analysis easier, here is a link to top 12 competitor analysis tools which you can leverage as part of your analysis strategy.

Competition should be embraced to inspire motivation to do better than what you have been doing unto now. It should not be ignored and neither should it be feared. There will always be someone better than you but at the end the only thing which would make the difference is:

What You Want to Be Rather Than What You Are