4 Best Neighborhoods in London for High End Office Space

Whether you’re looking for the perfect space for your brand new business or your well-established company is looking to move up in the world, location is key. You want to find the perfect spot that sends a crystal clear message to any visitors or potential employees: “We accept only the finest.” If you’re not sure where to begin your hunt, the best place to start is a cursory search of open office locations on a website like BE Offices to find out what prices range to expect and where in the city to find open spaces.

London is a city that keeps on growing and evolving. Prime office space is extremely lucrative here, and your company, no matter how big or small, should leave a mark on the city. So whether you construct your own office or buy an existing office space, having a steel and railing designer by ESS Steel come in and improve the structure is crucial. Your company’s workplace should, after all, look on par with the quality of the neighbourhood and the city’s overall distinct style. That said, here’s 4 main areas that you should look at:

City of London

Every savvy Londoner knows that the best place in the greater metropolitan area of London for high-end office space is the City of London. Known colloquially as “the Square Mile” due to its 1.12mi2 area, the CIty of London is the original 1st century Roman settlement that has now grown into one of the largest cities in the world. It holds its place in London as the most prominent financial sector in the UK.

Some of the United Kingdom’s most famous places sit within the City of London: the Museum of London, Temple Church, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Bank of England headquarters, the Gherkin, Guildhall, London Stock Exchange, the Tower of London, both London Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge, and many more.

If you want an office space that will impress every client and every business partner, this is the neighborhood you want to look in. If you’re only renting this space for the address, expect a hefty fee! You could easily get a virtual address provider for a much more affordable cost, but if you can afford it, then go for it.


The next best neighborhood in London to find the finest business spaces is Westminster, an area of the City of Westminster between Buckingham Palace and the River Thames. Some of the city’s most exquisite architecture lies in this district, with prominent mentions like Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral, the Palace of Westminster, and Elizabeth Tower (known to many as ‘Big Ben’).

An office location in Westminster tells everyone you mean business.


One of the often-overlooked yet excellent locations for prime business spaces in London is the bustling neighborhood of Paddington. Currently experiencing significant growth, Paddington presents lucrative opportunities for securing high-end offices at relatively affordable rates. The neighborhood’s appeal is further enhanced by recent investments in expanded transit options, making it an attractive choice for businesses.

Paddington’s proximity to key London attractions adds to its allure, making it an ideal location for businesses seeking to be close to the city’s vibrant culture. So, if you’re considering opening a new office in Paddington, you can rent an appropriate workspace and collaborate with top office fitout experts like Nexaa to transform the space that suits your company’s needs.

King’s Cross

King’s Cross is a ward of Camden, one of London’s most eclectic boroughs. It most famously houses the King’s Cross and Saint Pancras train stations, as well as University College London. It borders on Regent’s Park, one of London’s larger parks, as well as Granary Square. King’s Cross also houses the British Library and several of London’s most popular event venues, like Scala, Koko, and Kings Place.

This area also contains a thriving business sector, with lots of really great business spaces in a wide variety of architectural styles. King’s Cross is a great neighborhood to open an office in if you want to tell London that you are ready to take the Big Smoke head on.