3 Ways New Year’s Resolutions Could Improve Your Customer Reviews

When it comes to your customers, what they say is true. They are always right, even when they are not. When they come to you, they expect a certain experience. Sometimes, they can expect a little more than you offer and with the exception of those who are truly off their rocker, Most businesses do their best to accommodate.

With that said, it is a new year and your customers are looking for you to follow suit with new things and services that will keep them coming back for more. Many companies have made New Year’s resolutions that are bound to improve the customer’s opinion of their business. Below are three reasons why.

They Keep Them Safer

Have you ever been to a mall where there was a shooting? Chattanooga, TN has been host to this problem recently. How about a restaurant where customers received food poisoning because the water used to cook with was tainted?

There are always things you can do to help make your clients safer. For example, the mall in Chattanooga could make a resolution to improve their security systems. Adding a few extra cameras, security guards and enforcing a curfew for minors might help customers feel better about their safety while shopping there.

The restaurant mentioned could easily make a public resolution to beef up the maintenance on its water supply. Keeping a closer eye on ph balances and toxicity might help those who frequent the establishment not only to feel safer but to feel valued by the company involved. So, when they go to leave feedback in a review, the evidence leaves your business ahead of the rest.

They Make Them Confident

There are quite a few of us who have developed the desire and talent to do a lot of things, such as home improvements and car maintenance, on our own. As an avid DIY kind of person, we rely on outside information a lot. We teach ourselves. It’s part of the adventure, but we can only progress as far as our source of learning will let us.

With that in mind, another wonderful resolution your business could make would be to raise the standard when it comes to the level of knowledge and experience your employees possess. There are few things worse than getting the wrong advice from someone who is supposed to know much more than you about a certain topic.

For example, if you decided to chrome the bell housing in your car and the experts forget to tell you that the chrome may make things more difficult to put back together due to the slight increase of the volume of the housing after the chrome is added, you might not feel so confident in future advice from them. Making sure your employees are properly educated for the position they occupy will create future customer reviews that will have people running for your business.  

They Save Time

If there is one thing the majority of us never seem to have enough of, it’s time. There are so many demands on each of us that it is almost impossible to keep up at times. Want to create a recipe for great customer reviews?

Make a resolution to enact implications that will save your clients time. For instance, have you ever had to wait in line at Walmart? Almost every Walmart known to man has 15-20 registers. Yet, on any given day, there might be four or five of them open.

This isn’t really a big deal on an average day, but when the holidays come around or back to school shopping ensues, there is a great need to put those other registers to work. It would save a great deal of shoppers time wasted on standing in line. Not only that, but they would leave happier, as well. Need to add some great customer reviews to your resume? Save them some precious time.

Customer reviews can be just the pick-me-up your company needs to take that step toward a super progressive 2018. Use these reasons to help light the way to better ones.