How A Merchant Cash Advance Can Help Your Business…and your customers

How do you keep your customers happy and your business booming?

Well, one way is to fork over some cash and invest in your business.

Investment is crucial to staying ahead of the crowd and giving your customers exactly what they want.

You could spend money on new equipment, or improve your premises to give consumers an amazing experience. You could invest in new staff, or new training methods to put the customer first.

It could be as a way to bring in new stock to offer a wider choice of goods to your consumers.

But finding the finances to put your plans into action can seem impossible.

So what is the best way to invest in your business?

You could always try going to your high street bank. But with endless face to face meetings, credit checks that could see you quickly ruled out and other strict rules to follow, a bank loan may not be possible.

High street banks do things the old fashioned way. For many businesses, you want a fresh perspective.

This is where a merchant cash advance loan is the answer.

A business cash advance is the revolutionary borrowing method that is taking the business world by storm. Suitable for solo traders and large multinationals alike, it is a great way to invest in your customers.

With a merchant cash advance you can:

  • Apply quickly online and get a decision in days…not months!
  • Relax about your future, with 95% of applications successful.
  • Apply for a loan even if you have poor credit…with no need to provide collateral.
  • Spend the money on whatever you need, to give customers what they want.
  • Repay your loan when it suits your business.

A merchant cash advance from will you give you access to the funds you need…without putting pressure on your business.

A merchant cash advance is calculated based on your credit card transactions.

This mean you get the money that your business needs to grow.

But it also makes your repayments manageable.

  • No more pressure as strict bank loan repayments are struggled to be met.
  • No more struggling to get access to the funds to get your business back on track.
  • No more worries over your personal finances as a business loan hangs over you.

If your business is struggling with sales, your repayments will adjust based on credit card transactions. This means your business and customers will not be affected by rough patches.

So if you have lots of customers during the summer months but see your sales slide, you will still be a booming business when customers make their way through the doors.

This flexibility also gives you swifter repayments during those better months where sales pick up.

Having quick access to funds offers up a wealth of opportunities.

A merchant cash advance is the speedy, secure way to borrow:

  • If demand for a popular product starts to grow and you need the money to bring in more stock.
  • If you start to outgrow your premises, or want to give your customers a better experience in your store or place of business.
  • If you want to add some extra staff to your roster and give your customers the best service out there.
  • If you want to keep your business afloat during the lean times.
  • If you want a rainy day fund so that you can quickly access money when you need it the most.

What’s more, any type of business can successfully apply for a merchant cash advance loan. As long as your business accepts credit card payments, a loan could be on its way to you.

From small retailers wanting to give their precious customers the VIP treatment, to large franchises who want to improve their customers’ retail experience, a merchant cash advance is the answer.

Putting your customers first is the golden rule of business.

And putting your money where your mouth is will give them the best service available.

A merchant cash advance is one way to do this, giving you the latest technology at your fingertips…as well as an application process that won’t leave you stressed.

Get the investment that you need – so you can invest in what your customers want.