World Famous Slot Gamblers

While slot gambling is not considered a professional “sport” there are quite a few individuals who becameanonymous famous due to the fact that they won big slot jackpots. Learn more and find below a list of slot gamblers who became famous by winning big.

Mr. Elman Sherwin

Mr. Sherwin won not one, but two slot jackpots. Both of the jackpots were worth millions. How lucky can you be? At the age of 76 Sherwin, a war veteran, won a Megabucks jackpot worth $4.6 million. This is on the very first day that the casino was open to the public.

While many anonymous might stop after a big win like that, Sherwin continued playing. His hopes of being the first-ever person to win 2 slot jackpots soon came to fruition. Sixteen years later he won the very same jackpot, but this time the prize was quadrupled. He won $21 million, of which he gave a big chunk to charity.

Amy Nishimura

Amy was a very loyal slot player. On her frequent visits to Las Vegas, she played at the exact same slot machine in the Freemont Hotel. She thought of this slot as her slot and treated it like a baby. Following a lengthy three hour session, the slot paid out $8.9 million.

Jon Heywood

In 2016 Jon Heywood, a British soldier, received a Guinness World Records certificate for one of the biggest slot wins in history. Twenty-six-year-old Jon won more the 52 million times his wager when playing Mega Moolah, a progressive slot by Microgaming. The progressive slot jackpot amounted to just over $20 million.

The soldier chose to spend his win on the best possible medical care for his father who was on the list for a heart and lung transplant. In addition, he also bought a new car, enjoyed a few nice holidays and invested the rest.

Another Double Win

A 60 year-old woman also managed to win 2 slot jackpots. She hit her first jackpot, which was worth only $680 000, on The Wheel of Fortune slot machine at the Palace Station Hotel. Like Sherwin, she also decided to keep on playing and I bet she’s glad she did. A few months later she won more than $27 million from the Megabucks slot in Las Vegas.

The Biggest Slot Winner of All Time

A 25-year old who prefers to remain anonymous decided to kill some time playing slots before a basketball game. This impromptu slot session paid out more than $39 million. This jackpot was also won on the Megabucks slot. The jackpot is so big that the player got paid out $1.5 million annually for a period of 25 years.

Final Thoughts

These slot players have become world famous for their larger than average slot jackpot wins. One thing that (almost) all the players have in common is their dedication. They are responsible for some of the largest slot wins of all time. This just goes to show that a little bit of perseverance can go a long way.