Use Digital to Improve Your Customer Experience

The technology available to businesses these days is staggering, and with the rise of digital, it’s easier to make on-the-fly improvements to your customer experience than ever before. Taking the time to optimize for each and every digital channel is a huge task but there are some simple ways to make big improvements to your customer experience.

What is the Digital Customer Experience?

Having an understanding of what the digital experience is will open the doors to understanding just how impactful it can be for your customers. In simple terms, the digital customer experience is any interaction customers have with your business in a digital environment, whether that’s visiting the pages of your website, clicking an ad from social media or finding your business in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Taking the time to hone the way these distinct channels perform in a consistent and complimenting way will make a positive impact on the way your business can improve customer experience.

Optimize Your Google Map Listing

If you’re running a ‘bricks and mortar’ business such as a barbershop, restaurant or even a cat cafe, then your customers’ first chance to find you in 2019 will more than likely be from searching their phones and seeing a map listing a ‘near me’ style of search result. If you aren’t optimizing this space for your customers, then you’re missing a trick. Start simple with accurate and up-to-date information such as store opening times, menus and appointment requests. Professional photos of your premises on your map listing go a long way to improve the digital experience for your customers. Due to the popularity of apps such as Instagram and Pinterest — along with huge improvements to Smart Phones — consumers are accustomed to seeing polished photography on a daily basis so make sure you’re offering crisp, well-lit photography of your business in map listings. 

Develop a Social Media Strategy

In the US alone, there are over 247 million individuals using social media platforms. Therefore, optimizing in this space is hugely important. Creating content that resonates with your users and builds a sense of intrigue and trust in your brand is key. Also, inspiring your followers with what you’re creating will encourage them to invest in and support your business.

Correct Page Titles and Meta Descriptions in Search Results

If customers are finding their way to your business predominantly via search results, then making the best first impression is key to the digital experience. Page titles and meta descriptions are the first pieces of text a consumer will read before deciding whether to follow the link to your website and continue on their journey with you, so it’s critically important to get them right. The right page title and meta description will vary from business to business, but in general, making sure they’re the right length (so as not to be truncated in search results) and have a strong CTA (call to action) will ensure your users are finding their way to your content. Speaking with has always helped me in the past too.