FinTech Apps That Keep Their Customers Happy

Gentrification is taking over most cities. This opens a lot of vegan shops, microbreweries, and charming cafes. It also increases homelessness. This means nobody wants to walk around with cash in their pockets anymore. 

Moreover, with our busy schedules, we simply don’t have the time to go to the bank and stand in long lines anymore. Waiters are over splitting checks, and our landlords don’t come to collect the rent. 

Money transfers, applications for loans, and electronic payments for virtually anything are now taking the market by storm. If you’ve ever been on the phone with your bank, you can definitely appreciate a financial institution that takes good care of their customers. 

FinTech is taking the market by storm; it makes money transfers virtually free and instantaneous, and makes your money more secure. You can order whatever you want with just a few clicks, and it comes right to your door. 

Cryptocurrency is also a great investment, and so is ForEx. This makes banks and paper money almost obsolete. 

Mint – Helps You Stay On Top Of Your Budget

Mint is a free app that helps its users track their spending, set up their budgets, and take control of their money. It’s easy to use; it’s got a very user-friendly interface and 24/7 customer assistance. 

The process is incredibly simple; you download the app and enter your banking information, and it takes care of the rest. It creates little graphs to show you how much money you spend on every category and gives you financial advice on where to spend more, as well as where to spend less. 

The only thing it’s missing, in our opinion, is facilitating bill pay. You cannot set up automatic payments through the Mint app, although that would make it much more practical. 

Lemonade – Keeps You On The Safe Side

If you’ve ever shopped for insurance or been on the phone with an insurance company, you’ll love and appreciate Lemonade. It offers you a clear view of all the packages you can purchase and lets you filter your budget and size. 

It can get your home, office, or business insured within seconds and offers the lowest rates. People in big cities are using the app to get insured on the go, without having to hire a broker and looking for insurance. 

Furthermore, their customer issues are handled online by chatting to a real person and not a bot. You can count on Lemonade to take care of your claims and make sure everything you need to be covered is actually covered. 

Getting the right insurance can be a tedious and time-consuming job, but having artificial intelligence and big data handle it for you makes everything easier and more accurate. It offers fast, easy, and affordable insurance, making it more accessible. 

One downside, though, is that it’s not available for small homes, and it hasn’t yet launched in all states. Other than that, Lemonade is your go-to app for finding insurance. 

ShinePay – Get Rid of Those Stains

Gone are the days of collecting quarters, going to the cashier and asking to change your paper money for them, and standing at the dryer machine with an almost anxiety attack because you just realized you didn’t bring enough. 

There’s an app for everything, and now there’s a QR code on your washing machine at the laundromat that you can just scan with your Shinepay mobile app to pay for your laundry.

Nobody enjoys schlepping a bunch of quarters around until they actually stop procrastinating laundry, and the scavenger’s hunt for them is just tedious, tiring, and sometimes embarrassing. You can bring your cellphone to the laundromat (which we’re sure you do anyway) and use it to pay for your laundry. It’s so much easier and quicker. 


You’ve definitely heard of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Some have gone as far as saying they are the future of finance. Move over, banks, you can’t track our spending anymore.

A lot of people are excited to ride that wave and invest in the cryptocurrency market. Coinbase is an excellent place to start doing just that. It’s developed to help its users navigate the new unknown waters of the cryptocurrency market. 

Beginners all over the world are raving about it and saying it’s helped them learn about this entirely new market and even make some money out of it. It’s okay not to be able to understand everything in the beginning. 

That’s where Coinbase comes in handy. With a sleek design, world-class UX, and really simple menus, you’re in for a great experience. 

Ride The Online Wave!

There’s nothing else to wait for. Now you know which apps are there to make your life easier and there’s nothing to stop you. Whether you want to transfer your part of the dinner check, transfer your rent, do your laundry, or get on top of your budget, FinTech is here to help you.