How to Turn Your App Idea Into a Business

How are ideas for new apps generated? The best ideas for apps come out of the need to make something in our everyday lives simple and easy. You could spend ages studying your finances with paper bank statements, or you could just use an app. You could phone all of your friends and ask for restaurant recommendations, or you could just use an app.Technology is changing the industry. How do you turn your app idea into a small business though?

Create your prototype app

The first stage of turning your app into a business is to create a prototype. This will help you to establish how your app works and if it is effective. Your app doesn’t have to be polished, but you do have to have a core proposition ready to see if your customers are willing to purchase your app.Customers are very good at giving feedback. Make note of any suggestions that have been made and use them if they are relevant.

Making your polished product

If you don’t have a background in creating a native app, then you might want to look at outsourcing to create your app. As long as your outsourcer understands exactly what you are looking to create, this will help to keep your costs low. Always have in mind the needs of the customer first. An app should be created to fulfill a job. For instance, trucking industry entrepreneur Bill Busbice Jnr created an app called HWY Pro to help truckers plan their routes and speed up the loading and unloading process. An app needs to be designed with a clear end goal in mind.

Getting your app on the market

Getting your app onto the market is an easy process, but it needs to be done by the developers. Google and Apple charge a fee for registering and submitting an app to them. There is generally an annual fee for having your app listed on an app store. You need to make sure that you are charging a reasonable amount for the purchase of your app. You are starting a new business, so the aim is to make a profit. Customers will be put off if the cost of an app is too high though and will look elsewhere. Some people opt to use search optimization to get their app seen.

The final stage is marketing your app. Once it is out there to purchase, you need to tell your customers. You’re running your own business, it’s time to tell everyone about the amazing product that you have created.