Tips For Writing A Good Customer Review

Our lives are inundated with advertisements from every type of business imaginable. Companies fight for our attention with bright colors, smart catch phrases, jazzy jingles, and psychological subterfuge.

However, if you are one of the not so easily swayed, it will take more than a sign flipper to convince you to grace them with your service. The educated person will look to genuine customer reviews in order to help judge the legitimacy and usefulness of a company.

They also understand that there are people who write purposefully vindictive reviews, reviews that don’t offer enough information to judge with, and those who are persistent rays of sunshine and only write a review that bolsters the company’s image. So, how can you help? Below are a few suggestions on how to author a constructive customer review.

Be Honest

Can you remember your childhood, when Mom and Dad, your grandparents, teachers, and almost any adult you knew encouraged you to be honest? There was a reason for that. In the arena of customer reviews, if you refuse to be honest, you not only hurt the company you are leaving the review for, you lead the next potential customer astray.

Neither are of much benefit and speak ill of your personal character, as well. An honest critique of a company’s performance will help the company to know what practices they should polish up more on or continue to practice and will subsequently give the next potential customer an honest heads up on the great and not so great aspects of the business.

Include The Details

Have you ever tried to explain to a friend how to get to a certain place without including a couple of the turns? As entertaining as it can be to purposefully send your friend in circles, it’s probably a good bet they don’t find it as hilarious as you do.

The same is true of a good customer review. People who read them are looking for detailed accounts of your visit. This allows them a thorough view of the business and its practices. Make sure to include details like the date and time of day you visited and the product or service you purchased.

For example, if you bought an engagement ring, address the quality or lack of quality of the product. Was it in the condition that was advertised or was the advertisement misleading? Include details about the quality of service and if the staff was well trained and courteous as well as any other major highlights of the visit or transaction.

Remember Your Manners

In the world’s present condition, manners are quickly becoming old hat. With that said, if you are serious about writing a helpful customer review, you must keep your manners in check. Don’t ever write a review while you are angry. We all know that our perspective on a situation has tunnel vision when we are upset. Sleep on it.

Pen your review the following day after you have had a chance to calm down and look at the event from all angles. Second, we all have feelings. There is no need to include proper names or insults, especially in a public forum. Third, attempt to see things from the perspective of the business and its staff.

There are always two sides to every story. Lastly, give credit where credit is due. Customer reviews are not only there to point out a business’ shortcomings. Keep in mind how you would feel if the only critiques you ever received were negative ones.

Customer reviews are meant to be a privilege to the customer and a source of improvement and praise for a business. Make sure to show respect for both by following these tips.