The Most Powerful Lobbyist Group That is Oblivious to Its Power

Generations born into times that play out in absence of any form of political or economic struggle grow up disconnected from those areas of their lives which actually have a huge bearing on their futures. The youngest Millennials and the oldest of the so-called Generation Z are perhaps the most disconnected from politics, which is dominated by elderly people who largely seem to hold on to ideals of much more prosperous times.

This is why draft laws which are designed to fast-track some changes relevant to life as it exists today are slow to even make it to parliament, if they ever make it that far. You’ll get angry at being introduced to terms such as filibustering when you realise that it’s merely surface-level delay tactics that reveal the powers that be of their indifference to the issues affecting the masses.

Let’s look at one of the biggest tech companies in the world, which is in fact one of the biggest companies in the world outright, not just in the tech space. I won’t be mentioning it by name, but if you Google around, referencing some of the associated terms discussed, you will know exactly what we’re talking about. Perhaps you already know…

So we’re talking here about companies that use legal loopholes to store stacks and stacks of cash abroad, without having to pay anything close to what would be a fair tax rate on those stockpiles of profit. In addition to that, they’re lobbying against consumer interests such as the trending #righttorepair (right to repair), which simply seeks to retain legalities around repairing equipment you spend your heard-earned money on in whichever way you wish, as opposed to having to pay through your nose for often misrepresented official repairer service fees. It should read “official replacer” instead of official repairer, because that’s pretty much what they tell you will be required when you take your faulty equipment in for repairs.

It would appear to be an effort in vain, wouldn’t it, trying to fight against these big and powerful multinational companies that seem to have the most influential political figures in their back pockets? How do you as a consumer get into a position where your voice can merely be represented, amidst the stupid money being thrown around by the official lobbyist groups of the most powerful multinationals?

It seems like a lost cause, but it’s nowhere near as hopeless as it’s made out to be.

The secret lies in the realisation that you, as the consumer, are part of the biggest and most powerful lobbyist group of them all. Sure, it’ll take an almighty effort to get the numbers behind you in support of your movement, but it can definitely be done.

Remember when something like CBD E liquid could land you in prison if you were unlucky enough to be caught in possession of something like that by an official who might have had a particularly bad day? When something like that was indeed illegal, does that mean it was wrong?

All you need is enough people who believe in fighting for what’s right behind you and you can get one over the most powerful of multi-national lobbyist groups!