Some Facts about Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is a family of Microsoft business applications. He promised to make business processes a business asset for companies everywhere. The Dynamics 365 ERP solution focuses on your core accounting, manufacturing and sales needs, but expands even more. Overall, the value of your business is to increase your automation, efficiency, control and scalability.

At the highest level there are two important Dynamics 365 ERP solutions to choose from: Business Center and Finance & Operations.

Dynamics 365 Business Central: An ERP manufacturing software suitable for most SMEs. Allows companies to start small, but scale and add functionality as requirements grow.

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations: ERP solutions suitable for large or diverse companies. Mainly used by companies with a variety of business activities, international activities, complex and various discrete currency requirements and production processing requirements.

Business Central is usually best for small and medium businesses, while Finance & Operations are usually best for large companies. However, there are many other differences between the two, and what is right for your company depends on your specific business needs. Understanding and personalizing your microsoft d365 business central experience is a part of the process, after all.

Mobile first – Dynamics 365 was developed for mobile employees with consistently high user experience on almost any device or any form factor. Customers can access the service through a web browser (any browser, including IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) or use the application for Windows, iOS or Android devices.

Power BI and Cortana Intelligence

These are internally embedded to help companies achieve their business goals with forward-looking insights, recommendations and recommendations for the next step through the workflow. This gives businesses various business intelligence tools to access your data and reports from anywhere. This is automatically updated when changes are made to your data. For example, using Cortana Intelligence provides cross-selling recommendations that help salespeople predict which products and services customers need.

Access to IoT data in Dynamics 365 for Field Services

By this, mobile workers can take precautionary measures by combining asset monitoring and anomaly detection so they can take action before damage occurs to avoid customer service issues. Azure IoT brings data to the device to enable countermeasures for business functions such as field services.

AppSource is Microsoft’s marketplace for business users to understand Microsoft SaaS business applications. Microsoft plans to launch more than 200 business applications, add-ons, and content packages in the original release of Dynamics 365. Business applications can adapt and innovate in real time with general data models and business application platforms that can be developed

With connectors, you can integrate applications and services from Microsoft and our partners – including special APIs and room systems. Customers can technically use Power Apps, Power BI Embedded, Microsoft Flow and / or Azure platform services as a consistent business platform that allows them to create new applications and easily expand and change existing ones.

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