MAGFAST Provides The Fastest Charger You Will Ever Use

Charging your mobile devices is one of the hardest things to do. You must buy new cables all the time, keep a plug with you, and search for places to plug in when you leave the house. Plus, your cords get tangled when you have them all set up in one place. If you have kids with mobile devices, they tangles get even worse. However, there is a solution in MAGFAST. Take a look at what this brand can do for people who are having a hard time trying to charge their devices.

The Company Grew Quickly

This company was initially crowdfunded with a $300,000 campaign that reached its goal in 15 minutes. This is a big part of the company’s story because it shows that they have tapped a part of the market that other companies have not yet found. People do not like dealing with their tangled cables, and they hate looking for a cable when they could use the MAGFAST charger instead.

What Does The Company Offer?

The company offers six types of chargers that will help you with all your charging needs no matter where you are. You get a USB-A charger, USB-C, and even wireless products. You get something that comes with a retractable cord, and you will not need to worry about the tangles.

Modular Design

The design of these chargers allows you to fit together multiple chargers in one. This allows you to use any of the chargers that are available together. You could put your lightning and micro USB chargers together to cover the most common items in the house. You could do the same thing in the office, and you could set these chargers up in classrooms, medical exam rooms, and waiting rooms.

What About The LifeCharger?

The LifeCharger is a power bank that you can take anywhere. The power bank can be charged quickly, and you can travel with it if you like. Some people go to places where they simply cannot find a plug, or you might not feel comfortable leaving your devices near a plug. This means that you can plug in the power bank, charge with the LifeCharger, and keep your devices going.

The RoadCharger Is Very Helpful

The RoadCharger plugs into the 12V outlet in your car, and it comes with four outlets. You can share power with all the people in the car, and you can use it on long road trips where you are rarely out of the car.

The AirCharger Is Unique

The AirCharger supports all wireless charging options for your devices. However, it is designed to be beautiful so that you can leave it around your house from the kitchen to the living room.

Additionally, there is a TimeCharger that is perfect for your smartwatches. You can buy any MAGFAST charger you want, and you can charge any device quickly.

Seymour Segnit Innovates With His Firm

Seymour Segnit is the person who created this system to make charging easier. He hates the way that traditional chargers look, and he does not enjoy messing with tangled wires. He wants his devices to look attractive, and he has created something that is easy to use. He helped build MAGFAST quickly with his amazing crowdfunding campaign, and he is growing the company every day with innovative products.

ConclusionMAGFAST and Seymour Segnit has changed the way people charge their devices. He has created something beautiful and easy to use. You can get a MAGFAST charger today that you can plug into the car, the wall, or leave around the house for all your mobile devices.