Retain your old salon clients even though you move to a new location

If you already have a solid list of clients for your salon business, you will definitely want to keep your loyal clients even though you move to a new space. You can easily move your furniture and other important equipments to the new location with the help from companies providing furniture removals in Brisbane or in your vicinity, but customer retention is of utmost importance. Your customers are important to you as this is where your bread and butter comes from. It is much easier to obtain more appointments with older clients and start from the scratch by attracting newer ones.

Now that you’re planning to move your salon business, you may seek help of for a successfully and stress-free move. So, here are a few ways in which you can retain your loyal clients during the relocation.

  • Spruce up your referral program

Are you someone who is constantly seeking referrals? If yes, these are the guests who will probably become your long-term clients as you are already highly recommended. Request them to bring forth a family member or a friend to your new location. Once you offer an increased incentive, this will certainly pay off in the long run. Offer them a $15 off on their next service if they can bring a new client.

  • Provide a free service to existing customers

Think of things that you can give without having to invest money. How about planning a free conditioning treatment? You can buy small-sized bottles of nail polish in bulk in different colors so that you can let them choose. In case you still don’t offer online booking, this is the best time to add this special service.

  • Invest in flyers

Make sure you include the new name, address of your new salon and why you moved to a better place. Is it for more privacy or more parking or for better hours? Don’t forget to mention the bonus gift or service. It could be an elderly foot care service or a personalized skin facial. Unless the new place is too far, all your old clients will be interested in visiting it to build warm relationships.

  • Leverage search engine marketing

When you relocate to a new place, you also have to change the online details, regardless of whether you have your website, or you’ve listed in Google My Business listing. Companies like Evoke Winery or other popular firms also have to utilize search marketing correctly in order to attract new clients. Seek help of Google to know more on search marketing.

  • Turn yourself into a salon pro

To retain your old clients, try and build their trust so that you can keep safe distance from competition. You should be willing to stay updated, enhance your skills and invest in your own self to become a professional stylist. Try to stay up-to-date with giving yourself the latest training. Don’t compete with your peers in terms of price as this won’t help in luring clients towards you.

Therefore, before you move your salon service to a new happening location, make sure you devise the right strategies to retain your clients and give utmost importance to them.