Reducing your Company Footprint Food for Everyone

Reducing the impact of business activity in the environment is not limited to industrial companies. There is a number of ways your company could use a greener approach to your daily activity with positive effects no only in the environment but also in your efficiency. Reducing the impact of your business in our ecosystem, would require implementing a number of changes which will help low your carbon footprint and also your costs. It’s a win-win situation where green-driven policies are introduced to your employees through cultural changes which will benefit the company in now and more importantly in the long-term. Let’s go through some of the most important measures you can take to successfully implement green policies in your business.

Energy Footprint

Reducing your energy footprint has obvious benefits for both your business and the environment. Lighting, heating, airconditioning, and plugged devices, usually constitute a big chunk of almost every company’s monthly costs. Luckily, reducing your bills from those and becoming more eco-friendly doesn’t require you to invest hefty sums of money. You can take up small techniques to ensure that you stay sustainable. For instance, you can use a propane heating system instead of electric heating to reduce your ecological footprint, and for that, you can look for fuel providers similar to Fuel Services Inc. for propane tank installation.

You could start switching traditional bulbs to energy-saving replacements; they may last longer and reduce energy consumption by 50%, and educate them about turning off lights when they leave the rooms. Regarding heating and air-conditioning, companies should prioritize a comfortable working environment policy instead of placing too much reliance on heating and cooling. Additionally, HVAC can work more efficiently when it is regularly maintained and repaired. During severe winters, you may necessarily require heating in offices and homes, for that, you can hire an HVAC company in Manassas, VA (or elsewhere) for the upkeep of the system.

Finally, there is no benefit from leaving laptops permanently plugged-in, by doing this you are both damaging the device battery performance in the long-term, and adding costs to your monthly bill.

Recycling and waste management policy

Using different bins for different waste is a very good idea to start with, however, replacing direct marketing with e-marketing means and encouraging company-wide printing guidelines, will add extra value to your policy. If you do this, you will be not only using the right channels to deliver waste to recycling centres but additionally, avoiding non-essential paper consumption you will reduce the waste to process and help to protect the trees.

Choose Sustainable suppliers

As a green company, switching to greener providers who share this same philosophy to protect our earth should be a priority. Nowadays, the offer of greener suppliers is much bigger than it was years ago, and there is numerous reputable green business for almost everything you possibly need, from energy suppliers like Bulb to pest control services like Greenway IPM, the offer of greener versions of the services you possibly need is vast.

Supporting Eco-friendly commuting

Implementing a ride to work scheme is good for many reasons, it won’t only improve your company’s green credentials for different stakeholders and clients but will additionally reduce fuel costs for your employees. You could sign-up to a ride to work scheme and benefit from tax-free bikes and cycle safety equipment following the government’s guidelines.

Additionally, encouraging car sharing can be tricky, but still worth to try. If employees live around the same areas there are chances that they can take turns to drive to work possibly home.

There are numerous initiatives you can take to make your business greener, however, the points covered here are surely the best move to make a start without incurring on high costs.