Prince2 Project Management overview

 An overview of project management

Project management can be defined as the application and skill of planning, organizing, leading and controlling resources to bring about new or changed organizations or business through program or work to be accomplished. As on a prince2 course qualification.

The cohesive process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling Resource (usually human, financial, material, intellectual, capital or time) in which planning, organizing, leading and controlling plan and organize them to achieve objectives or goals with appropriate control measures.

Why do you need project management?

If you want change, improvements, developmental steps to your products/services or overall business needs it is highly necessary. Otherwise you may work more with limited resources or spend unnecessary time generating a product by drowning it in bureaucratic information. Project management applications and software tools make these processes more effective and efficient.  Project management has been used to develop other areas of management including human resources.

And the person who has the skills of project management will have a very attractive career which can lead to significant advances in his career.

In projects, project team must be established beforehand, shared objectives have to be determined, the project changes have to be communicated to the members and the resources of the project must be assigned to the project.

The Project Scope Statement can be used in two ways:1.    A statement of guidance,2.    Project description.

With the use of Project Scope Statement, it is transparent and easy to understand.

A clear and attainable project goal, schedule and cost must be identified.

Projects should be planned in such a way that manages availability of resources and budget for resource till completion.

Someone who owns the  responsibility  should be appointed to report periodically about the status of the project, the schedule, freeze points, work in process, and quality.

Finally, a human resource plan should be decided upon to manage resource and to address human resource skills need of the projects.

Project Manager

Project management also deals with the use of resources that a project management  is the manager of a project.

To manage the resources a project manager has to have all the qualities required for effective portfolio management such as people management skills, technical skills, information, grasp of planning guidelines and finance knowledge.

A project manager is responsible for all activities, actions and decisions taken under his/her guidance. He/she is responsible for setting up objectives, budgets, carrying out activities under that objectives, monitoring resources and controlling funds.  A project manager will have to make the difference between project results, work and money.

Project Planning

Planning gives a structure to the work involved, it helps management to set priorities, delegates activities and manages risk.

Must be executed with all the required details, deadlines and competences required for the progress of the project.

Some typical project plans are: Brainstorming Sessions; Data gathering and Analysis; Risk Analysis; Business Impact Analysis; Evaluation of Alternatives; Business Planning-Time Management; Budgeting; Training and Mapping

Project Scope Statement

Project Scope Statement or the alternates help participants to understand what is expected about the project. This document provides the basic rationale and definition of the project responsibilities, objectives, constraints and constraints. An alternative for a project scope statement is the Project Mission Statement.

Project Planningules help you to plan the workflow of the project at a glance.