How To Choose The Right Liquid Filling Machine For Your Business

Liquid filling machines are used in various industries including beverages and food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. These machines are used to put liquids into bottles and containers, quickly and efficiently, without waste.

There are several types of liquid filling machines available, you’ll need to determine which machine is right for you, depending on your products and needs. You may have to keep a few things in mind in order to determine that, however. For instance, the particular size of the machine that would fit in your business space. Additionally, you may have to look for its finishing (which may depend on the heat treat it has received) to ensure its quality and durability. Since you are sourcing a machine that you are expecting to last long without acting up, you have to be careful with the options.

Once you buy the liquid filling machine, it is also important to know how to care for it to maintain its efficiency and increase its durability. Make sure that the machine is regularly cleaned to prevent any sort of contamination. Also, consider lubricating the moving parts according to the guidelines provided in the machine’s user manual. Additionally, check that all the electrical connections are secure, and there are no voltage fluctuations, as they can create a significant impact and pressure on the machine. An oscilloscope can be used to troubleshoot such kinds of voltage abnormalities. Furthermore, regularly inspect the seals and gaskets of the machine for any wear and damage. Following these simple steps can successfully improve the machine’s life span.

That being said, here is the list of some of the most common liquid filling machines:

1 . Piston Filler

A piston filler is made of five main components including a nozzle, cylinder, valve, hopper, and piston. These machines can handle liquid products that have particulates. Piston fillers are suitable for liquids with high or medium viscosity, as well as thin liquid products. First, the liquid product is put inside the hopper, when the operator activates the machine the piston starts to move away from the cylinder. The liquid from the hopper then fills up the empty cylinder. Finally, the valve then rotates so that the product can pass into the nozzle.

2. Gravity Filler

A gravity filler is a type of machine that we use to put liquid into a container, at a predetermined level. It’s one of the most common methods for filling drinks into glass bottles, (usually non-carbonated beverages). Gravity fillers can help you to fill products at high, low or medium speeds, at your preference.

There are several other types of liquid filling machines including automatic bottle fillers, head liquid fillers, or vacuum filling machines. There are several factors to consider when purchasing the right liquid filling machine, so let’s take a look.

3. Consider your product

Firstly, you’ll want to consider your product, you’ll need to choose a machine that can handle the correct liquid viscosity. As an example, a thin liquid is better suited to a gravity filler machine, for a thicker liquid, it’s easier to use a piston filler.

Vacuum filling machines are suitable for liquids such as milk powder or wine. Gravity fillers are useful for noncarbonated beverages.

Products that contain particulates could cause a gravity filler to become blocked, which is why a piston filler is more appropriate. Liquids containing particulates might include a sauce with small pieces of vegetables inside.

4. Consider your packaging

Consider which type of bottle or container you are using when you are choosing a liquid filling machine. For instance, if you’re using a glass container it might be helpful to use a level filler, to ensure that all containers are filled to exactly the same level. Perhaps you’re using a rigid container? If so, a pressure filler may be the most appropriate machine. To fill tubes with liquid products it’s best to use a volumetric piston filler.

5. Choose the right supplier

If you’re not sure what type of filling machine to choose, contact a liquid filling machine supplier, to ask for further advice. Not all machines offer the same quality, and so it’s important to find the best supplier out there. For more information about liquid filling, machines check out KBW Packaging.