The Prenup – Friend or Foe?

Most people consider marriage the ultimate proof of love. Well, there’s clearly more to love than getting married, but willingly accepting and wanting to spend your life with someone else legally truly is something special. But even with marriage, things may not be all roses. And with every rose having its thorn, you might say that every marriage has its prenup. So, should you, or should you not consider a prenuptial agreement? Well, it’s entirely up to you to decide, but make sure to take into consideration all the possible consequences.

Yes to prenup

Prenuptial agreement is a legal document made between two people before their marriage, which states that they won’t have any right to the other party’s current possessions in case of future divorce or death. It is usually set up by a law firm that specializes in separation such as Musson Law or even your local lawyer. It seems pretty plausible and practical, which, in all honesty, it is. Legally speaking, there are no apparent disadvantages of prenup. Emotionally on the other hand, things might not be so simple.

Opting for a prenup is a great idea if both you and your partner are independent, know what you want in life and have absolute trust in each other. Basically, if both of you are two practical and reasonable people, there shouldn’t be any problem with either side. What’s more, in this case, making a prenuptial agreement can only strengthen your bond and make you that much willing to create something together. It’s also natural to want to protect your interests in case the worst comes to worst. Moreover, not only do prenups protect the two parties entering marriage, but their children as well. Therefore, if you both can look at prenup as something that can only secure your future life together, it can be nothing but your friend.

No to prenup

As mentioned before, not all people think the same. No matter how practical a prenup may be, love is anything but practical and logical. The only obvious disadvantage of prenup involves the sensitivity and emotions of one party. If there is a concern that your future partner will feel hurt or offended by prenup, married life might not end up being so wonderful after all. It is true that you may cause some reasons for concern for your partner when mentioning prenup. Trust issues are generally the biggest problems. But, you can work on that issue if your love is strong. Still, if you notice that your partner’s refusal to sign a prenuptial agreement is over-exaggerated and too dramatic, you should notice clear signs that this marriage may not be such a good idea in the end. In that respect, prenup is bound to be perceived as a foe.

There are also cases when people discuss prenup but consequently decide that they simply don’t need one. Divorce is one thing, but once the children come you should really think about securing their future. It’s far from pleasant subject, but creating a will instead of a prenup can help you avoid the possible strain in relationship with your spouse while still protecting your loved ones. Since this is a touchy subject, you can always deal with will business online at Family Wills and have your own peace of mind.

No third party should tell you whether prenup is the right thing for you or not. It’s essential that you carefully analyze your situation and discuss things with your spouse-to-be. Being tactful about the matter is essential so that you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings but still inspect the practicality and possible benefits of the prenup thoroughly. If both of you find the prenup unnecessary, you should stick to that decision and employ other ways to secure your family.