How to Dress for Homecoming

Homecoming is one of the most exciting events of the year at high school. For many, it’s the first time they have a big party or celebration and there’s usually plenty of drama! Whether it’s people fighting, students using an Oregon fake ID to buy alcohol for the afterparty, pranks being pulled, or old romances being ignited once again, it has the perfect recipe for an amazing night!

However, the build-up can also be one of the most stressful, particularly if you are a freshman and unsure how to dress for homecoming. This style guide will help you find the perfect dress, allowing you to express your personality without looking out of place.

The Basics

It is important to note that homecoming is a much less formal event than prom. Dresses are more often short and sleek and, whereas a few ruffles and pleats are fine, you should steer clear of sequins or too many embellishments. Most importantly, your dress should be comfortable for dancing. If you have a specific inclination or love for the entertainment industry, you can even go for prom outfits that got famous in web series. So, you can dress like Wednesday Addams (during the prom scene) in a frilly gothic black midi or gown and boots. Complete the outfit with a hair updo, smudged eye makeup, and black lipstick. You could also explore iconic prom dress ideas like Hanna and Aria in Pretty Little Liars, Alex in Modern Family, and more.


White and black are classics for homecoming, but you are free to pick anything else that fits with the season. As homecoming tends to be in late fall, metallic tones and animal prints are excellent choices. However, this year, even florals are in style, especially when on a deep-colored background.

If you are unsure about what tones suit you, consider your complexion:

  • If you have light brown, neutral blonde, or strawberry blonde hair and blue or green eyes, try bright tones like red, peach, gold, and bronze. Avoid dull grays and blues.
  • For those with slightly darker hair and light eyes, pale pastels like blue and lavender are ideal as well as silver. Steer clear of orange and black.
  • If you’re a redhead or dark brunette with light brown eyes, pick a warm color like ivory, brown, orange, or gold. Poor choices for you are bright shades and white.
  • Finally, if you have brown or black hair and dark eyes, look for jewel tones and pinks, but leave champagne, gray, and other neutral-colored dresses on the rack.

Infuse Your Personality

Make sure your dress for homecoming says something about you. If you’re fashion-conscious, choose a dress in one of the latest styles. If you want to look a bit sensual, go for something similar to a silk nightgown. You might probably be the star of the night for choosing something basic yet beautiful. If you value elegance, pick a classic cut. If you like to stand out, find something unique, such as a dress in a tone no one else will have.

Favorite Types of Homecoming Dresses

If you still feel stuck for ideas, turn to your favorite celebrities for inspiration. Remember to seek semi-formal dresses – nothing from the red carpet but not a daytime dress either.

Alternatively, you could turn to the trendiest styles of 2017. In this category are fall print dresses, which allow you to maintain a youthful look while appearing sophisticated. Another option is a cocktail dress – sexy and chic; cocktail dresses are available as minis and knee-length.

Where to Find Homecoming Dresses

A final issue is where to get your homecoming dress. If you are struggling to find where to buy a homecoming outfit in your local stores, go online. This offers the added benefits of allowing you to browse far more options and enabling you to save pictures of the dresses you like most for a quick comparison. Start looking early to ensure that your perfect dress arrives on time.

If you follow all the advice above, you’ll find the perfect homecoming dress that makes your night as special as it deserves to be.