Lightweight Systems Make Your Trade Show Display A Heavy Hitter

Portable, lightweight display systems provide a perfect solution to many companies who want to design a unique and effective trade show exhibit without the high costs of freight, drayage, and installation & dismantling (I&D) services. A well-designed portable system should pack down into a container that will fit easily into a passenger car – with room left for passengers! Many of the better quality systems have wheeled cases for easy transportation, and many can be checked as baggage on passenger flights, so they can travel along with your booth team. These lightweight systems are typically designed for tool-free setup because most U.S. trade show venues require professional installation if tools are required. In fact, a good portable display can be set up by one or two people in just a few minutes.


Inflatable Displays


Inflatable exhibits are an often-overlooked choice, because many exhibitors are unaware of the wide range of options they offer. If your team’s show schedule requires them to fly to many of their events, inflatables are a lifesaver because they pack down so small; a 10-foot backwall fits into a carry-on bag, and a 16-foot tower fits in a standard suitcase. Want a conference room? How about a projection wall? They’re both available in premium inflatable lines. Many inflatable pieces can be backlit for maximum visibility, too. And if your team is impressed by the easy transportation, they may actually dance when they learn how easy it is to install these pieces: take it out of the container, push a button, and watch it inflate. In less than 10 minutes, they’ll be ready to move into position and secure.




Not all pop-ups are created equal, but the better ones offer tool-free installation, and the best ones feature self-locking connectors, which means two people can have one set up in about 10 minutes, with no pinched fingers and no hassles. Look for upgraded frames in fiberglass or carbon fiber; both of which are impervious to crimping and bending, and ask what types of accessories are available for the system you’re considering using. Many top-shelf systems feature shelves, countertops, monitor mounts, and backlighting or spotlighting. You can also look for various other trade show lighting options, such as fabric lightboxes, puck lights, backlit logos, and accent lighting that could be integrated with your pop-up stand to enhance its aesthetic appeal. So, you can build retail space into your exhibit booth with high-quality design, materials, and lights to showcase your newest product or dazzle visitors with a multimedia display.


Banner Stands


When it comes to versatility and portability, it’s hard to beat banner stands. Place the side-by-side to create a backwall, use them to call out the features and benefits of your products, design a photo opportunity that no self-respecting Instagrammer will be able to resist, or place them in other areas of the venue to draw traffic to your booth for superb custom trade show displays. Some high-end banner stands offer bases that can be connected and arranged into a curve, for a more interesting display, others offer small shelves to display merchandise. Ask whether the system you’re looking at features cartridge-mounted banners. When all you need to do to change banners is click one cartridge out, and another into its place, you eliminate the risk of crumpling or tearing the edges, so your banner will look perfect much longer.