It’s About Time We Bid Farewell to Gender-Specific Toys for Toddlers

One of the most perplexing and arguable theories is unquestionably the one that lies behind gender-specific capability and playthings. This is largely believed to be a result of us mortals having forgotten that God made all human beings – the male and the female – as absolute equals of each other – Adam & Eve. If anything, God made two genders to complement each other, not to restrain or inflict a bunch of policies that, upon failure to follow, we can expect nothing but severe backlash from the social order.

However, society didn’t take very long to impose a bunch of rules on each gender that neither religion can back up nor science. It is a sad world to live in if you have to grow up with people of authority, such as our parents or teachers, constantly butting into your personal spaces with statements such as “Girls/Boys don’t play with that or do this or that”. In the real world, these words are enough to break a small child on the inside because they grow up believing in these gender-specific idiocies.

Do Gender-Specific Toys Stump Childhood Development?

On a lighter note, many manufacturers believe in the fact that toys for girls and toys for boys cannot be the same – girls play with dolls and boys play with cars. But, is this really true? Is this really how girls and boys play, or is it just society telling us that this is what we should do? Do girls really have no interest in cars and boys have no interest in dolls? Should we really laugh at such a matter or accept it? Does this stump childhood development?

Indeed, it does. Psychologists have concluded studies that confirm the belief that when you restrict something to one gender, it can result in them feeling guilty for wanting to do something else. For instance, shaming a little boy for wanting to play with dolls will make him feel awful about it. But thankfully, parents and teachers have begun to see beyond these gender-specific roles.

Well, the 21st generation is definitely nothing like the olden times. Much to the surprise of people who prefer the older system, the differences are largely accepted now. Gone are the days when boys were constricted to one thing and girls to one. It is a positive change, indeed!

Hello Gender-Neutral Beliefs!

One of the most evident signs that the world has, in fact, progressed, is the fact that there are plenty of gender-neutral beliefs that apply very well to real life situations. The modern girl’s toys are no longer just toys that are played by girls alone, and vice versa.

The modern girl is allowed to choose what she wants to learn or know more about, as does the modern boy. Since the world is allowing and progressing towards positive gender-neutral toys and sports, we can expect the children of the future to have a much better time in figuring out who they really are and being comfortable in their own skin.