What to Include in a Customer Review About Cookware

When we travel the internet looking for the best in anything, one of the first places we will consider looking is the opinions of previous users. It allows us to “use” the product without actually purchasing it. We get the privilege of learning the ins and outs of the product before ever shopping for it. Searching for cookware that fits our cooking needs and style is no different. Below are three things you should keep in mind when writing a review the next time you purchase cookware.

Be Detailed

When you went to buy your first used car, what were some of the details you wanted to know? Were you interested in the number of miles it had already been driven? How about if it had previously been wrecked? Maybe you were curious about the last time it had a tune-up.

The point is, you needed to know certain details in order to feel like you were making the best decision you could make. When reviewing cookware, include details like whether or not it is non-stick. Does it cook evenly?

What type of metal is it made of? Is it dishwasher safe and can it take a beating? Including details like these could help a potential future customer decide if the particular brand of cookware fits his/her lifestyle.  

Be Honest

The Boy Who Cried Wolf tells the story of a young man who repeatedly tricks the people in his village in thinking he was being chased by a dangerous wolf. He did this so many times that when it finally did actually happen, the villagers didn’t believe him and never came to his aid.

Lying never benefits anyone. Even if the person who sold you the cookware was the most impolite salesperson on the planet, remember you are reviewing the cookware, not the staff. Be honest. If the cookware heated evenly but slowed down the cooking time, say so. If it was perfect in every way, make a point to show off the details.

If your cookware fell apart before you ever got it out of the box, be honest about it. Being honest makes sure that anyone considering buying the product gets the information they need to make a wise decision.

Be Nice

There are a lot of things in this world that irritate even the most patient of us. Most of those are daily annoyances. Rotten quality cookware and rotten service, to boot, can set one up to write a review that is more about revenge than how we genuinely feel.

In a world where manners are no longer the cool thing, be the bigger person. First of all, showing you can give a mature review will almost guarantee that a potential customer will take you seriously. Second, writing a review that graphically insults the cookware, the maker of it, or the salesperson is a good way to have your review promptly removed.

Then, you will have absolutely no impact on any buyer and you have simply wasted your time typing. We are not telling you not to make your feelings known, but there is always a tactful way to do it. Find it.

Cookware is an extremely valuable tool in the kitchen. Writing a proper customer review will help thousands to find the tools that work best for them. Follow the tips above to do just that.