Understand How to Keep Your Employees Safe on Facebook

To say Facebook is popular would be a gross understatement – it currently boasts an estimated 2.2 billion monthly active users. That’s great for staying in contact, and it’s common for employees to check Facebook during their breaks, especially if they’re working from their own devices. People will also tend to connect their smartphones to your business network and use social media accounts on the small screen.

Unfortunately, the popularity of Facebook makes it a rich target for scammers and hackers. If one of them attacks an employee, your IT network could be compromised. As an employer, you can’t really stop your employees from using Facebook or just surfing the web every now and then. At best, you can add a malware detection system in every corporate device that is provided to employees and give them training regarding cybersecurity. To that end, here are just a few ways they can stay safe.

Avoid Weird Popups and Links

Facebook naturally has very strong security software and teams working around the clock to keep the site safe. However, hackers do sometimes find ways to exploit flaws. For example, they may be able to embed malware in links. That malware will infect the machine as well as the social media account. If a link seems strange, your employees shouldn’t be clicking it.

Don’t Add Unknown People

Another common hacker tactic is creating a seemingly legitimate account and then using it to send malware. One recent example is Digmine, which disguises itself as a video file and then starts spreading and downloading files when clicked. If someone adds you and you don’t know who they are, be wary about clicking any links they send. They may even add a few people you know to ensure there are mutual friends and lull you into a false sense of security – don’t fall for it.

Look Out for Freebies

Facebook is full of freebies, but you should teach your team to be vigilant about clicking on them. Most are admittedly legitimate, but any that seem too good to be true can take you to an unsafe site that infects the device with malware.

Keep your business and staff safe with appropriate firewall and network security.