How to Turn Your Law Firm Website into Your Most Powerful Selling Tool

Every business operating today needs to have a dedicated website, including law firms; after all, you still need to know how to attract clients in the legal field. A social media presence is great, but your social media shouldn’t be replacing a full website, it should augment it. If you design it the right way, your website can be your most powerful selling asset. Here are four key components of an effective law firm website.

Use SEO to Improve Visibility

Search engine optimization refers to a wide range of techniques and practices that will help to propel your website near to the top of search engine results pages. The higher your SEO score is, the more likely that users who search for terms relevant to your business will find your website. Most internet traffic today is routed through search engines – when we want to find something new online, we fire up our favorite search engine and look for keywords.

Using SEO to increase the flow of traffic to your website is the first step towards turning your website into your most effective salesperson. If you don’t have a regular stream of users passing through, there’s not going to be anyone to sell your services to.

Make a Good First Impression

First impressions count for a lot, especially when it comes to legal matters. Whether you are meeting a prospective client or business partner in person, or they are passing through your website, the way that you present yourself and your business to them will significantly affect the way that they perceive you. Additionally, if it’s a business partner, also see to it that your business is operating at its full efficiency. For that, you can look for additional support such as managed it solutions for your firms that can provide aid with tasks such as business management, cyber security, data accountability, staff administration, etc. These few advanced resources can put you in a good light in front of potential partners.

Moreover, when someone first land on your website, visitors should quickly be able to work out where they need to go to find what you need. This means that you need to avoid overcomplicating things. Keep your navigation options nice and simple and resist the temptation to pepper your copy with needlessly flowery language. Although you will be used to the rigid rules of writing contracts and agreements, you can afford to show a bit more personality on your website.

Sell Your Services with Simplicity

Whenever a visitor to your law firm website comes across a page detailing a specific service that you provide, it is important that you don’t overwhelm them with information. Instead, keep the page focused on providing a visitor with the information they need to quickly decide whether your offering is the right option for them.

It doesn’t matter how broad or niche your services might be, the same rules apply to sell them with simplicity. When it comes to selling products, it’s easy enough to summarize their selling points. However, when it comes to selling services, check the Charleston Law website for an example of what to do. Note that the website copy isn’t full of sales words, but rather provides a clear and concise summary of what services are available. This is the right approach to take.

Add a Blog to Demonstrate Value

Adding a blog to your website is an excellent way of enhancing its value. A legal blog can be a powerful education tool, and if customers start turning to your business when they need information or guidance, they are more likely to come to you when they want to use your services.

Once you have all the essential elements in place, you should start to see a sustained increase in your website’s conversion rates.