Planning a Major Event for Your Law Firm

One of the inevitable parts of running a law firm with the goal of scaling it up at a fast rate is having to hold the occasional event. It may be internal, in which case you’ll have a much easier time setting it up, or you might want to invite external parties to attend. While the US still generally doesn’t allow outside investments into law firms, there are plenty other reasons why you might want to throw a more official event to impress a potential major client. The point is that you have to cover your bases early on, because this is not going to be a walk in the park. 

Location and Organization

If you’re not hosting the event at your own office, and that would rarely be a good option, you should have some suitable places picked out in advance. The kind of location that would work well for an event like this isn’t exactly straightforward to find, and you’ll have to do some digging and comparisons. Have the contact details of a reputable event planner as well, and don’t leave this to your own employees. Even if you know they’re capable of handling it fine, it’s still good to spend a little more and know that the job is executed by someone who will put all their focus into it.

External Promotion

If you’re going to be holding a more open event, it can also pay to spend some money on promoting it properly. This should ideally be done a long time before the event itself, especially if you want to promote it primarily online. Lawyer marketing strategies might be helpful for engaging and attracting clients. These could help you to promote your business on digital platforms, including social media platforms as well as increasing website traffic. Although, it will take some time for each platform to update its records if you want to rely on more traditional SEO methods rather than just spending everything on ads. An experienced law firm marketing specialist like should be able to help you sort this out without having to worry about the finer details yourself. And, as we said earlier, you’ll need to get in touch with someone like that as soon as you know the details of your upcoming event.

Post-event Contacts

One of the main points of hosting something like this is to build new contacts and strengthen existing ones. Make sure you spend enough time catching up with the right people, but also follow up with them after the event about things you’ve discussed if you want it to lead to future opportunities. Don’t disregard the importance of this, although anyone with at least some experience in the field should already be well aware of the importance of this factor in their success.

The first time will be the most challenging, even if you end up hosting larger events that carry more weight for the future of your law firm later on. You’ll gain invaluable experience that will help you run any future events more smoothly and in a fully controlled manner. Plus, you’ll already have experience working with the right service providers for the different things that you’re going to need.