How to Tailor Your Marketing Strategy to Get More Loyal Customers

A successful business requires a lot of work. If you do not own an oil field it is most likely that you need to work your way to the top. It is similar in any business, offline, or online. Acquiring more loyal customers is the basis of every business. Loyal customers return to your shop, care for your brand, and spend much more on your products and services than new customers. To keep your business growing you need both new and loyal customers, but since it is five times easier to keep a loyal customer than to get a new one it is important to focus on retaining loyal customers while searching for new ones.

No real difference

In an online business, your website is the same as an offline store for a customer. It reflects your business. And, as much as you want your store to be attractive, well designed, functional, safe, and with good service, you should have the same on your website. Since the Internet never sleeps, so should not your website. After picking the right name, and design, a good hosting provider will make sure that everything else is taken care of. With good choices like Hostinger, you can choose a plan that covers most of the things you need, like SSL, regular backup, e-mail accounts, WordPress acceleration, and a high uptime guarantee. This way you are making sure your website is always available for your customers, and that every visitor has a great user experience. 

This is the first step in getting more loyal customers. By providing an excellent user experience, your customers are more likely to come back, and keep coming because they are getting what they want and enjoy doing it. 

Appreciate your customers

Creating loyal customers does not have to be an expensive thing, rather it requires you to think more, and play smart. Customer experience is your most powerful weapon in getting more loyal customers. By providing a pleasant shopping experience, good feedback, support, and troubleshooting, you are one step towards your goal. Try to be proactive, and for example, if someone buys a ski jacket and pants, send them a matching cap or socks for free. This way you gave your customer an unexpected gift, which they will remember, and feel appreciated. You did not spend much, but you’ve improved your customer experience many times over. A happy customer might even thank you via social networks, and share their experience, making your gesture even more valuable.

Community plays a vital role

By using social channels to create a community around your business, you are also doing one big thing – making loyal customers and letting them work for you. When creating content for social media, you are telling stories about your business, and letting people know you better. There are a lot of ways for you to engage community members and let them take part in content creation and be rewarded for doing that. Media contests are great for attracting user-generated content that you can use, and prizes are always tempting for community members.

Listen and respond

Positive feedback from social media can reinforce your brand authority, as much as positive reviews on credible websites. Spend some time to know your customers and ask them the right question. When they know that you are caring and that their response is valued, your user experience is already better.

Do not be afraid to send out a survey and follow back your followers on Instagram or Twitter. If you have resources, you can re-engage your oldest customers, and ask them what they think. Make sure that you value their opinion, and that their feedback is allowing you to provide better service. When you start a direct conversation with your customers, they will be encouraged to talk about you. Make sure that you let the most active and engaging ones that you appreciate them, and to express your gratitude for their loyalty.

Do not forget about SEO

Good SEO will benefit you in many ways. By achieving a better position in search results, your website is becoming more relevant, and by providing the right answers, your visitors will come back to your website. With good keyword placement, and a couple more tricks you can improve SEO and become more relevant in search engine result pages. Make sure that your content is optimized, that your images have appropriate alt text, that internal linking is good, and meta descriptions are adequate. All this means that visitors will get the answers that they need when they get to your website, which is the most important feedback for search engines and you. You could also create interactive images that visitors can engage with and spark more conversation. Add great customer experience, and you are one step from making new loyal customers. They searched for something on Google, went to your website via a link, found what they needed, and stayed because there are more things that they like. Combine that with a positive impression about your website, and great social media feedback, and you can add “+1” to your loyal customers count.

Mobile users are dominating

Since there are more users consuming websites and content via mobile devices, your website should have a great mobile page, that is flexible enough and that adapts to the screen size of your visitors. If your website is mobile-optimized, from the start, your user experience is benefiting from it, along with SEO performance and search engine results rankings. If you do not believe us, just look at the statistics. New generations grew up with mobile phones and tablets in their hands, and they expect the same user experience on both mobile and desktop devices. Responsive themes are a good first step, because they provide the best from both worlds, and make your job easier in the long run.

Personalize your marketing

With more channels of communication with our customers emerging every day, personalized marketing has become something that people expect from you, and one of the most effective ways to reach your customers. Whether you are using existing customer data, or their purchase history to offer them special discounts, limited time offers, or promotions, you are targeting their needs and wishes. Targeting via ads or personalized emails can be very effective, and can provide you additional info about your customers, and which strategy works best with them. Personalized marketing tells your customer that you are thinking about them, and them in particular, which is a very important part of user experience.

Improve your customers’ loyalty

The first step in improving loyalty is getting to know who they are, what they need, and how to communicate with them. Once you know their needs and wishes, you can tailor your marketing strategy to fit your goals. User experience is essential for loyal customers, and there is no way around it. Your website should provide adequate service or product, and be eye-catching, functional, and responsive at the same time. Social media allows you to connect with your customers in their digital environment, and to communicate with them directly, expressing your gratitude for their loyalty.