Top 10 Tips to Find The Best Condo Unit

Choosing the right condo for you and your family might be a daunting task. Especially if you’re a first-time buyer. It may be for your house or business investment. New or pre-owned. Either way, there are a lot of things to consider when buying a condo.

Here, I will share with you 10 things that you should look for in a great condo. These tips will help you decide whether the condo you’re looking at is the perfect one for you.

Developer with a proven track record

With so many condominiums being developed left and right, the developer must be a major priority when selecting one. As a result, before choosing a developer like Lincoln Frost, you must confirm that the real estate architect you intend to engage has sufficient expertise in building construction.

You may pay premium prices for the condo, but you’ll also have peace of mind. The condo you’re paying for is worth the investment.

A good developer will also deliver on its promise. If you’re buying a condo in its pre-selling phase. A good developer will have a set date of completion and will deliver on that said date.

There are a lot of pre-selling horror stories on lesser-known developers. Construction delays, using below standard materials to cut cost and boost profit.

These are some of the common problems with small developers. You don’t want to pay for a condo that will give you tons of headache, right?


Another important factor to consider is the location. You may have heard the saying “Location is everything.” This also holds true when it comes to choosing a good condo. You can use online listings such as property ph to properly check condominiums in the locations you are eyeing.

Is the location convenient for you? Consider the places of interest around the condo.

  • Is it near your office or workplace?
  • Is it near the supermarket, local wet market, or a convenience store?
  • Is it near the mall, park, restaurants, or a place you can unwind and relax?
  • Is it near public transportation or is the location near heavy road traffic?
  • Is it near a school, church, or hospital?

The list goes on. Check if the condo you’re buying is in a strategic location.


There are condos that don’t have amenities for the owners. Just a plain complex of buildings and rooms. Boring, right?

Condo amenities can improve the quality of life and mood of owners. That’s why it’s also important to consider the amenities the condo has to offer when choosing.

Here are some of the best amenities a condo has to offer.

  • Swimming pools
  • Gym, sports area, or fitness center
  • Playground or park for kids
  • Lobby, common area, and pet-friendly areas
  • Open, clean, and green area
  • Restaurant or convenience store
  • Laundry areas

Safety as a priority

A good condo will not only look good but also feel safe to live in. You can sleep knowing that you are in a structurally safe building. A good condo can withstand earthquakes, floods, and storms. That is why the condo developer must be well-known and has a track record of successful condos built like Alveo Land Corp, Megaworld or the Rockwell Land.

No safety and health hazards like leaking pipes, dangling wires, and cracked walls. Balconies should have high railings. And most importantly, it should have round-the-clock security for its owners. For instance, it should have the most advanced lock systems installed, perhaps with the help of professionals found at InstaMobile Locksmith (looking up “locksmith near me” on the Web could help find their website easily).

However, that is not just it! There is more on this list that can help condo units and owners to be safe and secure from issues like theft and burglary. For example (it might be obvious), the developed property will need condominium association insurance to insure all units on the property as a whole, any common areas, as well as individual units.

High quality materials used in the finish

Upon property transfer, any owner would like to move in immediately. Any owner would not want unnecessary renovations or fixes upon turnover.

When looking for a good condo, check the materials and finishes to avoid the hassle. Check if the walls are thick enough to mute the sound of your neighbors.

Check the floor, doors, windows, paint, sink and cabinets. A good condo should have sturdy materials. A good finish that would last for years.

Great lighting and ventilation

A great condo should have ample amount of natural light coming in. it should also have good airflow. Most high-rise condos have great views, lighting and ventilation. But there are some that are too close to other buildings that block the natural light.

Consider the proximity of other buildings when choosing a condo.

Parking space

When you buy a condo, a parking space is not included. It has its own title and has its own separate payment. If you own a car, you should check your options.

A good condo should have enough parking for unit owners. Most condos have limited parking spaces. Most of the time, the number of units to parking space is not even.

There are also some condo owners who have multiple vehicles. Check the availability of parking slots.

If there is an available parking, you should also check the price. There are factors like size and floor that will determine the price. If there is none, check if you can rent a space.

Size/Floor Plan

You wouldn’t want to live in a condo that feels cramped. A good condo has a well-planned floor plan. Every room has its own window with natural light. There is no wasted space and it should feel spacious. Movements inside the condo should flow easily. Hallways should be well-lit and wide enough for people to walk conveniently.


A good condo has some elevators available. This is important especially if you’re looking at a high-rise condo. Primetime and rush hours could be a pain. You could be stuck on a floor for minutes.

Check the number of elevators. How many people can it carry and the speed? It is good to know that you can have a spacious, peaceful, and hassle-free ride every time you use the elevator.

Condo Fees

Aside from your monthly amortization, there are also condo fees that you have to pay.

This fee pays for the upkeep and maintenance of the condo. A good condo that has a reputable developer will make sure that the fees collected will be put to good use.

There is no fixed rate for condo fees. It will depend on several factors like unit size and number of amenities. These aren’t exactly cheap and it is good to know you’re paying a fair fee for your condo.