The EB-5 Investment Market in Brazil

The EB-5 market is very young in Brazil. It is even younger in other countries in Latin America. We can learn much from how the industry has evolved in China. There are winners and losers and what can and cannot be applied to the Brazilian market is emerging.

As with many new markets, the EB-5 industry must give special attention so that the industry grows in a structured and sustainable manner. The end goal is to allow all of its participants to benefit. As is often the case, only the elite truly get ahead with new initiatives. In order to make this truly improve the lives of Brazilian families abroad, the process must be analyzed carefully and with an objective mindset.

Before even setting off in the process, the first challenge is a major one. The EB-5 industry faces in Brazil a general lack of awareness. Not only for the EB-5 visa but also the basic investment process in the US.

Impressive Opportunities The EB-5 Investor Visa Offers to Brazilians

Most local Brazilian attorneys and accountants can suggest an offshore tax efficiency structure, as immigrants are simply trying to purchase a house or apartment in the United States and subsequently send money to Brazil to their family members left behind. There are very few who have a thorough understanding of the EB-5 program and its many investment structures available to Brazilians or other Latin Americans.

Secondly, Brazilians tend to look at the EB-5 program as a possible opportunity to live in a safer environment. This contrasts with the Chinese who are leaving for political reasons. No one can generalize the plight of millions in an article but this basic starting point is an important difference which investors need to be informed of from the beginning.

There are definite challenges to overcome. Lack of information is only the basic issue at stake here. Many are optimistic and believe the market will prove to be fertile territory for the EB-5 program.

Brazilians have a natural affinity for Miami as it has a large Latin American population and an ever growing Brazilian and Portuguese speaking population. More and more local community centers and Brazil focused enterprises are popping up year after year making this the perfect time to start the EB-5 application process.

The goal of introducing an investor to a program that allows permanent residency in the United States is a long term one. Passive investment meeting EB-5 program requirements is a challenge. What many don’t realize is that buying or operating a business and dealing with its complexities is a genuine challenge which scares away many.

There are centers to help inform Brazilians nowadays where all the facts can be gathered and an informed decision can be made.

Miami Real Estate Trends supports this process and has helped multiple Brazilians in the transition process.

Currently there is an excellent investment opportunity in play in Miami. The EB-5 investor visa is the primary sales driver in new buyers for the Miami Paramount Miami World Center and is seeing impressive numbers coming from Brazil. While the project is still in its early days, it is causing a lot of progress in the transplantation getting extended families into their new life in America.