Different Types of Lighting for Your Business

There are different types of lighting that you can use in your business premises. While they have the same main feature of giving light, they each have their own characteristics, especially if you take at the lights provided by companies like CDM2lightworks.com. Because there are so many options to choose from, it is vital to understand them in further detail to determine which is the best to use for your company. Here are some of the lighting types that you can choose from.

Mercury vapour lamps

These lamps are outdated, so they are no longer widely used. They were popular in the past, but more advanced options have now replaced them. Mercury vapour lamps were largely used in areas that required significant lighting such as event venues and parking spaces. They are known to last for a long time. If you still have this type of lighting, you can still use it, but it will be inconvenient since it is difficult to find replacement parts or replacements for the lamps themselves. As mentioned, they are no longer produced or sold.

Incandescent bulbs

These bulbs like the mercury vapour lamps were also popularly used in past years. While there are still several types of lighting available in the market, they are no longer used in companies because there are now more cost-effective options available. While their initial price is low, they have higher energy consumption, which will be an increased cost for you in the long run. Moreover, the life expectancy of these bulbs is shorter than other options. Many of them last for only around 1,000 hours.

Light-emitting diodes

Light-emitting diodes or LED lights may be more expensive than typical incandescent bulbs, but they offer several advantages. If you are like many companies that are looking to lower their business electricity prices, the use of LEDs is one of the things that you can do. Since the amount of electricity consumed by LEDs is significantly lower than its incandescent counterpart, you will see a difference in the electricity bills within a few months of this switch. In case you are up for this simple change, you can Visit SimpleLighting.co.uk (or similar sites) to get an idea of what type of LED variant would be suitable for your workplace. Moreover, they do not get easily damaged, which will save you money on repairs or replacements. These lights are also friendly to the environment as they don’t produce a high level of CO2, and they don’t contain toxic substances like mercury.

Halogen bulbs

These bulbs look like the traditional incandescent bulbs, although they do not leave tungsten deposits that cause the black discolouration on the glass of the lamp. They are also a bit more expensive than incandescent lights, but they are more energy-efficient. If you prefer a traditional look in your office, these bulbs are a better option than incandescent ones. They also last longer, although it still depends on their use. If you’re not sure which one to go with, seek advice from companies like Wenbrooke Services (for more info, check wenbrooke.com), who could assist you in choosing the finest light for your office.

HID bulbs

HID or high-intensity discharge bulbs are ideal for places that require more lighting. However, one drawback is that they produce glare, which creates a blinding effect to those driving if installed in driveways.

Compact fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent lights use less energy, which means that you will also save on your energy costs. They also have a longer lifespan. However, they also contain toxic substance like mercury, and their initial price is high.

These are some of the lighting options available for your business. See which ones will best suit your premises and will meet your specific needs.