CT Fletcher Workout and Biography

The shocking CT Fletcher became famous for his motivating videos on Youtube. Former bodybuilder, powerlifter, three-time world champion in two power categories at once, he conquered the general public with an unusual appearance and straightforwardness. However, the hype around the Beard, not all share it.

Biography: ct fletcher age, competitions, achievements

Fletcher was born June 8, 1959. The real name ct fletcher, like some facts of his personal life, is shrouded in mystery, was born and raised in Compton, California, USA. Perhaps the main attraction of the hometown of Beard today and before is an unprecedented level of crime. Training for ct fletcher has become a way to find a better share.

CT Fletcher in his youth became interested in weight lifting. He was 22 then. And in the period from 1983 to 1997 he was doing just that. CT Fletcher had one goal – performance at a bodybuilding competition. However, Beard soon realized that refereeing in this sport was excessively subjective, and focused on lifting.

As for the records, in the framework of the competition, 295 kg became the best bench press for Fletcher. However, an unofficial record, according to the bodybuilder, was a weight of 328 kg with a dead weight of 135 kg. Training ct fletcher has always been extremely difficult, as well as nutrition.

Beard’s unchanging passion at that time was fast food. Ct fletcher in his youth daily indulged himself with fabulous portions of big mac, french fries, pies, milkshakes. In 2005, this lifestyle turned into a tragedy: as a result of heart problems, the bodybuilder needed an operation.

After rehabilitation, upon discharge from the hospital, Fletcher weighed 86 kg. There was no question of junk food or weightlifting. Nevertheless, after reviewing the diet, he continued to play sports, primarily in the field of coaching.
Now Beard is 56 years old. With a height of 180 cm, he weighs 102 kg. Athletes from useastaap.org all over the world want to learn the ct fletcher program.

He still adheres to the principles of healthy eating and, according to his own statement, arranges a feast of his stomach only one day a week. However, Fletcher now escapes fast food like fire.

How to build fletcher arms: CT Fletcher chest workout and arm exercises

Examples of his numerous workouts can be found on the example of numerous videos on the Internet. Here’s what the ct fletcher bicep training program looks like:

  • Alternating flexions on the Scott simulator with dumbbells;
  • EZ-bar bends;
  • Lifting dumbbells in a T-shaped position in an incline;
  • Training on a block simulator.

The average number of sets in each exercise is 5–6, repetitions – about 10. At the same time, while working with a curved bar, a he performs 5 full and 5 partial extensions in order to use both muscle bundles.

Lifting dumbbells in an inclination involves widely spreading hands: as the bodybuilder himself notes, in this way, he is able to significantly stimulate a rush of blood to muscles. In turn, working on Scott bench allows you to observe the direct tension of the biceps, which, according to Fletcher, not only gives pleasure, but also speeds up the process. The height and weight of the CT fletcher has always been great; he always says that he can compete in volumes with even the most experienced bodybuilders.