How to Create a Productive Office Environment

Making sure your office is productive is the key to creating and maintaining success. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to create a productive work environment. Here are a few tips on how you can increase productivity in your office:

Work in the Right Setting

It’s so important to work in the right setting if you want to increase productivity. The wrong layout can make your employees feel disconnected and disinterested, or it can go the other way and leave them open to numerous distractions, making it hard for them to stay focused. Instead of working in a traditional office space, consider renting a virtual office at a place like

The Common Desk is a coworking space that offers a Dallas office space for rent, as well as locations in Fort Worth and Plano. Coworking spaces are specifically designed to be productive work environments, fully equipped with everything you need to get your work done, and offering plenty of amenities that make your stay more comfortable.

Working in an environment where professionals from many different fields and industries all come together with one goal in mind—to get work done—can motivate you and boost your productivity. Again, coworking spaces are usually equipped with state of the art equipment, so you won’t have to worry about bad internet connections or faulty printers slowing you down.

Make Your Office Comfortable

Everyone knows that it’s extremely difficult to work in an environment that’s uncomfortable. Hard chairs, wobbly tables and temperatures that are too hot or too cold affect you physically, and in turn can make it difficult to concentrate. If you feel like your office is starting to slide into this category, it would be best to have a look about at pages online such as and similar providers that can supply your new office furniture.

If you are renting an office space or working in an office that you own, invest in ergonomic chairs and tables, and make sure that the room temperature is at a comfortable level. Making sure your employees feel physically at ease can go a long way towards increasing their productivity.

Keep your Pantry Well Stocked

Just as it is difficult to work when you are physically uncomfortable, it’s also as hard to focus on an empty stomach. A survey by grocery-delivery service Peapod reported that a good 67% of full time employees who have access to free food at work are “extremely” or “very” happy with their jobs. Being happy and excited about going to work can make you feel more motivated and driven, so you can accomplish more.

Free, unlimited coffee is well and good, but keeping your office pantry well stocked with healthy, energy boosting snacks like fresh fruit and protein bars will make your employees happier, and inspire them to be more productive and engaged.

Create a Culture that Encourages Work-Life Balance

Not having a good work life balance can lead to a host of problems, including health issues, stress, burnout, and mental or emotional breakdowns. Make sure your office culture promotes a healthy work life balance.

Having a good work life balance is not only beneficial for your health and relationships, but it can also improve your productivity and performance at work. You are more likely to come into the office focused, energized and ready to work hard if you lead a balanced lifestyle that allows you to spend enough time with your loved ones and friends, and to pursue other interests outside of work.

Show Appreciation

Making your employees feel valued and appreciated is a critical part of increasing long term productivity. A study reported in the Harvard Business Review showed that workplaces with positive practices enjoyed greater productivity, performance and customer satisfaction.

Affirming your employees and showing them that you care about their wellbeing inspires loyalty and motivates them to work harder and produce great results. Take time to simply thank them for the work they do, and your efforts will be rewarded with increased productivity.

Making your office a more comfortable environment both physically and mentally doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In most cases, a few simple changes are all it will take, but these changes can yield a significant difference and can go a long way towards making your employees more productive and motivated.