How to Choose the Most Reliable Backup Software For Your SMB

First things first, a reliable backup software or system is a must-have for any enterprise or business that intends to remain on its feet no matter the disasters or challenges that may hit it. Your systems could go down unexpectedly, or a disaster could strike your enterprise unexpectedly. If you do not have a backup strategy, you will definitely lose a lot of money.

According to Cloudwards, at least 90% of enterprises that suffer a severe data loss and do not have a backup strategy, fail within two years since they were started. Having a software to backup your business’ data is a right move because:

  • Disaster may strike the business unexpectedly
  • Most business transactions are swiftly becoming online, and in this case, an online backup is the way to go
  • Customer engagement is swiftly becoming online too

Being cautious and moving with the digital business trend will ensure your business remains a float. Choosing the most reliable backup software for your business or enterprise can be a very challenging task.

For business organizations, the need for data governance tools is as equally important as choosing a reliable backup software to store all the data safe and secure. Before selecting the most reliable backup software for our enterprise, you need to put the following factors into consideration:

1. Go for a Safe and Secure Backup Software

The prime reason for having backup software is to have enterprises’ data and information safe and secure. Reliable software should be encrypted at-source. The software should also allow for provision of a strong a strong password. This way, only authorized personnel will be allowed to access the enterprises’ data.

Besides, the software service provider should guarantee you maximum privacy. Getting reviews of different software should help you decide whether or not it the software is secure for your enterprises data.

2. Ensure the Software is User-Friendly

It can be quite frustrating to have a hard to manage and set-up software. It even becomes annoying to manage it when the data saved in the software is urgently required to keep the business running.

A user –friendly backup software should:

  • Consume less time during installation
  • Be browser-based
  • Allow for both remote and centralized management for backup recovery
  • Have easy to use interface and seamless integration
  • Have compression and deduplication features
  • Support a consistent backup strategy
  • Have a user-friendly migration system
  • Have automated DR plans
  • Work with both physical and virtual systems
  • Easily customizable

Above all, it should be easy to use and recover the data. It can be very frustrating for you to take forever trying to figure out how the software works. The features and traits above will give you a stress-free time in backing-up your data.

Incremental backup has proved to be reliable for backing up your data. Incremental backup efficiently restores data when a full backup is required.

Incremental backups are effective because they:

  • Consume less storage space
  • Have smaller backup windows than full backups.

If your business has branches, it is recommended that you get a backup software that that can remotely save and backup data and information.

3. Make the Backup Plan Scalable

You might be planning to upgrade your business some time later. Or rather, you enterprise might expand. This is why you should choose a back-up plan that will sustain the business in case of an upgrade or expansion. You honestly do not want to keep acquiring a new software very time your business expands.

It is recommended that you select a backup solution that combines both differential and incremental backup. This way, the software can grow and evolve alongside your business. A good choice will ensure you never replace your backup strategy even if you expand your business.

4. The Pricing Should be In-Line with What it Delivers

There are software that would backup your enterprises’ data for free. There are also software that would charge you annually. The prices range from software to software. For this reason, it is recommended that you compare the services and features of different software before settling for a software whose features will be worth your money.

If you rush the process, you might end up choosing less reliable software that costs a lot of money.

A reliable backup software should backup data, replicate the data, provide recovery features and create an effective backup process. This way, an enterprise will be sure to retrieve its important and crucial information, no matter the circumstances or disaster that hits the company.

Backup software that is working for a certain enterprise will not necessarily work for your enterprise. For this reason, enterprise owners should research on the features a software has, and whether or not it will work reliably in backing up their crucial information.

Do not wait for a disaster to strike for you to acquire backup software. Some of the disasters are inevitable; they can just hit you anytime. You simply cannot control some of them, especially if they are natural, and sometimes cyber disasters. Many enterprises wait until a disaster strikes them, before they start backing up their information and important data. Being cautious by incorporating a reliable software backup plan is the recommended way to go.