5 Innovative Business Solutions for 2020

Productivity and smoothness are important for any company. Ensuring your employees can work comfortably without a hitch ensures that your teams are happy and that there are no barriers to business. It’s important for any company to look for business solutions on a regular basis: staying ahead of the curve is important for remaining up-to-date in your respective market. With that in mind, here are some excellent business solutions for the upcoming year.

Licensing specialists

New software is expensive. Having to shell out for a new license is never friendly on a business’ budget, and so cost-cutting solutions are always needed. Licensing specialists are able to provide you with a company’s software, such as Microsoft, for example, for a much lower price. They are also experts in the software, which means they can provide you with software advice and solutions. You can easily find these companies online, such as at www.bytes.co.uk, and start to make savings today!

Automation software

The nation of ‘red tape’ is a frequent complaint for many business owners, as they don’t want their teams to be held back by form-filling. Automation software helps to reduce this wasted time, by automating internal processes. It manages to do this by memorising useful details, so your employees can fill out any necessary documents quickly, and get on with their work. Depending upon your work needs, you can consult custom software development services to build the right solutions.

HR monitoring software

While face-to-face HR meetings are still important, HR monitoring software allows employees to fill in how happy they feel about their day-to-day work. There are online platforms that ask employees quick questions about their performance, which can then be fed back to the HR team. It’s also a great way of keeping employees in regular communication with their line managers and on top of meeting their objectives.

Team messaging

Innovative messaging services such as Slack are certainly the word on many businesses’ lips at the moment. These team messaging services have proved incredibly useful for many companies, who are looking to create a more informal and relaxed way of communicating. Its ability to use plug-ins, and be available on most devices has made it a hit in many businesses. After all, a friendly and chatty message is far preferable to a passive-aggressive email.

Project camps

Basecamp and other project-management tools have proven very useful for companies that handle simultaneous deadlines. These online platforms give users push notifications over email and in their browser, making project management relatively seamless. Only a decade or so ago projects were managed over multiple whiteboards and bits of paper, causing endless amounts of clutter around busy desks. Basecamp and other platforms have made project management far more intuitive for busy employees.

As our jobs become more computer-orientated, it makes sense to rely on management programs and storage solutions to make our lives easier. There’s no reason to rely on outdated methods when we have far more intuitive methods of running operations. These business solutions are a means of making life easier for both colleagues and senior managers.